Career Prep



We are pleased to share that we have partnered with 50strong this fall to provide you with weekly opportunities to connect directly with leading military-seeking employers that value your background and skills! 

The 50strong Employer Connect series includes 15 weekly virtual training & employer recruitment sessions that combine industry-driven exposure & career readiness with employment opportunities & pathways at leading employers. 

The series is sponsored by Amazon, ADP and TEKsystems and includes participation by Military/Veteran initiative leaders at Boeing, Booz Allen Hamilton, Deloitte, Disney, Johnson & Johnson, Lowe’s, Mayo Clinic, Microsoft, Northrop Grumman, Procter & Gamble, Republic Services, Ricoh, U-Haul, USAA and Wells Fargo. 

     Sessions are every Thursday at 3EST/12PST

All sessions will be delivered live via Zoom with recordings available anytime. These sessions are open to all transitioning service members, veterans & Military Spouses – so please feel free to share!


About 50strong

Compelled by the unemployment realities of COVID-19, Kandi Tillman and her husband Kevin Tillman (U.S. Army veteran) recently co-founded 50strong as a collaborative effort to connect student veterans, transitioning service members and Military Spouses directly to veteran leaders & hiring managers at key military-seeking employer partners – virtually and anytime.

Kandi Tillman describes the 50strong Employer Connect series as a “casual, friendly space that allows military & veteran jobseekers to learn directly from the civilian industry.  While any one session may yield insight, the repetitive exposure to a ‘new language and culture’, especially when it's provided directly by veterans already working in civilian roles, can make all the difference. These are real conversations where you’ll hear from folks that have already transitioned that can give you straight feedback on this ‘brave, new world’ of civilian employment and opportunities.  Our employer partners actively seek your skills, training, leadership, work ethic and adaptability; many have resourced specific Military recruiting teams to support this process. If we can help to bridge a connection, we want to do that.  Maybe one of our employer partners is a good fit for you, maybe not.  Either way, we hope the repetitive exposure helps to provide tools for your own job search."