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VA Work Study Program

  • Tampa VA Work Study Supervisor: Aimee CarpenterAssistant Director
  • St. Petersburg VA Work Study Supervisor: Wayne Taylor, OVS Director
  • Sarasota-Manatee VA Work Study Supervisor: Carlos Moreira, Assistant Director

Are you a veteran or veteran dependent interested in part time work on USF campus? See if you qualify for the VA Work Study program!

If you are: (1) currently using VA education benefits under Chapter 30, 31, 33, 35, or 1606 (2) attending school at least 3/4 time and (3) have at least 3 semesters left before graduation, you may be eligible to participate in the VA Work Study Program at the Office of Veteran Success or another location within the surrounding area.

For more information on the VA Work Study program, CLICK HERE


Interested in applying for a VA Work Study position at USF? First, make sure you have electronic copies of your:

Then, apply online to your preffered campus:

va work study off-site locations

Interested in VA Work Study employment outside of the USF campus? CLICK HERE for the contact information for off-site locations to find out the requirements and application protocols for their location!