Global Engagement on Campus

USF International Photo Competition

International Photo Competition

To celebrate diversity and promote cross-cultural understanding, USF World is proud to sponsor the annual International Photo Competition. This contest is designed to offer USF students, faculty, staff, and alumni an opportunity to share their international experiences with the university. 

2019 Winners

Grand Prize Winner

2019 Grand Prize: Michael Malcolm, “Canopy” Cartagena, Colombia


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View all 2018 winners here.


Competition Categories

Photographs submitted should capture an observation made or experience had while traveling outside the United States. Awards will be given in the following categories.

Landscape, Seascape, or Cityscape

    • Photos must be of a landmark or landscape that is clearly identifiable as an international location.


    • Photos should feature people living in the natural environment or culture of a foreign land.

Bulls Abroad

    • Students should wear USF regalia (i.e. t-shirt, cap, USF flag, etc.). Be creative, photos should be original and should highlight the best of the country visited. Dynamic/action photos encouraged. For example, a row of students in USF t-shirts eating fish and chips in London with Big Ben in the background. Think about photos that would look great as a magazine cover (and your photo just might end up on the cover of a USF magazine!)

Grand Prize

    • Judges are looking for photos that display exceptional artistic merit and provide an overall representation of the experience.

USF Favorite

    • All submissions received will be put on the USF World Facebook Page (check back in December). Students, faculty, staff and alumni can then vote on their favorite photo!  
    • Voting dates will be announced at a later date. You may vote for your own entry. One (1) vote equals one (1) point. You may also receive additional points for "shares" as follows: two (2) points per "share," up to two (2) shares per day. At the end of the voting period, the photo with the most total combined points will be named the "USF Favorite."

Photo Submission Deadline

We will not be holding the large school-wide competition in 2020 or 2021. Please check back in 2022.


  • Photos must have been taken within the last 12 months

  • Photos may be cropped and minor hue/saturation or other adjustments are permitted

  • Photos may be submitted in black and white, sepia or duo tones

  • Participants may submit up to ten photos

NO OTHER ALTERATIONS/EFFECTS ARE PERMITTED. The guidelines were set up so that participants don't Photoshop or alter the images, essentially we don't want a fabrication. We ask that you don't adjust the images so that they don't depict the original shot - for example, if you took a shot with a gray sky don't adjust the sky color to blue. We get a lot of questions about this every year, please obey the spirit of the rule and don't alter your photos.

What You Need to Submit

Entries will not be accepted without the following information on the Online Submission Form:

  • Name, email, USF affiliation

  • Each photo submitted must be named like the following -
    First nameLast name_TitleOfPhoto_CityCountry_22.
    Example: JaneSmith_RainyNightsInLondon_LondonEngland_21

  • Photo title, date of photo taken, photo category, photo description

  • Signed photo release 

Winning Photographs & Prizes

Winners will be announced at the conclusion of International Education Month

The Grand Prize winner will receive a USF World prize bag that contains several items including a USF sweatshirt, a USF t-shirt, and other USF memorabilia. The winner of each category will receive a USF sweatshirt, and the runners-up of each category will receive a USF t-shirt. Additionally, the winning photos may be framed and displayed throughout USF World's office. In years past the winning photos have been featured in USF magazine and on the USF home page.