Academic Advising

Permits and Forms


Course Permit Request Form (click here)

Registration assistance for college courses typically taken in the first two years of the program (those without locks on the flowchart). View flowcharts for each major to understand which courses are in the first two years of the program.

Requesting Permits "locked" courses by department:

  • Biomedical Engineering
    Refer to department contact list below for course permit requests.
  • Chemical Engineering
    The first courses ECH 3101 Chemical Thermodynamics and ECH 4846 Numerical Methods are unlocked (restriction removed) for lower division students.
  • Civil Engineering
    Please contact Adea Arrison for registration assistance with EGN 3331, EGN 3353, EGN 4453 and restricted (locked) major classes.  Be sure to include your U# and course information.
  • Computer Science & Computer Engineering
    Program Design COP 3514 and Computer Org CDA 3103 have no permits as students must meet progression requirements in order to register for these classes.  Apply for upper level degree progression via form link below.
  • Cybersecurity & Information Technology
    After the registration period for continuing students has passed, April 11th, courses CGS 3303, CIS 3433, and CIS 3213 will have the lock (ULDP restriction) removed to allow lower division majors to register for any available seats. Contact an ESS advisor for COP 3515 registration assistance.  Students must have met the requirements and applied for upper division progression to register for other locked courses.
  • Electrical Engineering
    Both EGS 2070 Prof Formation for Engineering 1 and EEL 2161 EE Comp Methods (Programming with C) is unlocked (restriction removed) for lower division students.
  • Mechanical Engineering
    EML 3035 Programming, EML 3022 CAD, and EML 3500 Mechanics of Solids are unlocked (restriction removed) for lower division students.  For locked ME courses, use this permit form.

For questions or assistance with the upper division College of Engineering courses (those typically taken in the 3rd or 4th year and/or have locks on the flowchart), please see this department contact list.



Major Declaration Form (click here)

Students who are changing majors to a program in the college, but have not fully met progression requirements for the upper division in the major, should use this form.  To see the college admissions criteria, visit the College of Engineering section in the Undergraduate Catalog and click on "Admission Requirements."

Upper Level Degree Progression (ULDP) Form (click here)

Students who have fully met the progression requirements for the upper division use this form in order to take restricted upper level classes (those "locked" on the flowchart).  To view the progression requirements for your major, visit the Undergraduate Catalog and select your program name/major.  Completed forms are submitted to an Engineering Student Services advisor.

Minor Declaration Form (click here)


The Office of the Registrar has a forms page which has all the general university forms listed below and more.

  • Academic Regulations Committee (ARC) petition forms - Late Drop/Add petition form, Medical form, Instructor form, Reinstatement after dismissal form
  • Change of Address form
  • Change of Name Request form
  • Course Audit form
  • Fee Adjustment Request form
  • Grade Forgiveness Request form
  • Late Registration Fee Waiver form
  • Repeat Course Surcharge Waiver form
  • Summer Hours Waiver form