About Us

Dr. Andrew Hargrove

An educator, environmental leader, quantitative methodologist, social philosopher, and lifelong learner, Dr. Andrew Hargrove’s work focuses on the intersection between climate action, environmental sociology, and engaged citizenship. His teaching takes students on a journey through our global climate problem, how we got here, what solutions are available, and how each of us has more power than we think to change the systems and implement solutions at scale.

Dr. Hargrove earned his Ph.D. in Sociology from Stony Brook University (SUNY) in 2021 and his Bachelors in Psychology from Gonzaga in 2010. His teaching and research takes an interdisciplinary approach and interrogates the social, political, economic, and environmental factors associated with global environmental and public health outcomes. Dr. Hargrove’s classroom engages in critical and experiential learning in novel ways that lead to deeper knowledge and greater enjoyment. 
Dr. Hargrove is currently using his global interdisciplinary perspective to teach several courses for the Judy Genshaft Honors College including (not all courses offered every semester): 

  • What is the Environment?
  • How to Save a Planet
  • Sustainable Tampa Bay
  • Cli-Fi: Climate Fiction and Climate Science
  • Du Bois Data Portraits Remix Capstone
  • Acquisition of Knowledge 

Dr. Hargrove leads the Sustainable Futures initiative at the Judy Genshaft Honors College. Through this initiative, Dr. Hargrove helps to facilitate Honors curriculum, events, research, and partnerships that will move the students, the college, the university, and the Tampa Bay area together towards a more sustainable future.

Key ways that students can get involved include:

  • The Annual Worldwide Climate Teach-In
  • Systems of Sustainability Study Away
  • JGHC Community Garden Club
  • The Raven’s Guild
  • Rooted in Place
  • Taking any of our classes with the tag ‘Sustainable Futures’; or
  • By attending any of our other events throughout the year

Dr. Hargrove loves to engage in political and philosophical conversations about how the world works, what is purpose, and why are things the way they are and what can we do about it. Dr. Hargrove encourages students to move through the world with a critical lens that asks why of everything. 

Dr. Hargrove’s interdisciplinary background and experience living in five different countries give him a unique perspective on culture, values, and humanity that he shares with all who love learning. This background has allowed him to collaborate with researchers in multiple countries in areas such as international law, sociology, psychology, geosciences, and political science. He has also built many partnerships with organizations, civil servants, entrepreneurs, and non-profits working in the field of sustainability across the Tampa Bay area. He looks forward to continuing to collaborate with people from different backgrounds and with different training to answer difficult questions.