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Dr. Davidson Faculty Spotlight Q&A

Dr. Davidson

Dr. Lindy Davidson is a visiting faculty member in the Honors College and enjoys teaching courses in Global Health, End-of-Life, and Disability. She has led two Honors College study abroad health service trips to the Dominican Republic and will lead two trips this year, one in December and one in May. Check out the question and answer below to learn more about Dr. Davidson.

1) What is your educational/research background?
I have a B.A. in Communication Arts, an M.Div. (Master of Divinity) and a Ph.D. in Communication. My dissertation research examined how parents of seriously ill children make decisions based on their spirituality. My research is qualitative and focuses on communication in healthcare settings. I came to this topic due to my own experiences as the parent of a medically complex child with disabilities.

2) What is your favorite area of study/research?
When I was growing up, my favorite subject was math. Although I haven't focused on math or even quantitative research, I am a problem solver. This makes it difficult to choose one area of study, because problems occur at the intersections of multiple subjects. My hospital research took place with an interdisciplinary team, and I believe that this is how problems should be addressed, through teams of people with a variety of training and perspectives. I love working with our diverse student population in the Honors College because the variety of cultures and disciplines allows us to engage with many different perspectives in the classroom and as a community.

3) How many years have you been working in the Honors College?
This is my second year teaching in the Honors College, but my sixth at USF.

4) What are all of the classes you teach in the Honors College?
Ethics at the End of Life, Cultural Constructions of Disability, and Global Perspectives in Health: The Dominican Republic.

5) What is your favorite class that you teach at the Honors College?
My favorite class is always the one that's in front of me at any given moment.

6) What is one lesson you want all of your students to take away from studying your course?
Don't ever assume you have the solution to someone else's problem. Ask questions, listen, and if you want to help people, do so with a focus on the person you are trying to help rather than your own agenda.

7) What do you like about being a faculty member in the Honors College?
I love being in the Honors College. The students I meet here exhibit great character, compassionate hearts, and a drive to learn and grow. When I get to take students to the Dominican Republic, I have the opportunity to teach about global health in the richest environment any educator could want. Seeing the responses of our students gives me a glimpse into the ways our future leaders will approach challenges and appreciate diversity, and I am encouraged. Of course, I also enjoy working with the dream team that is the Honors College faculty and staff, where it's a lot of "pun" for everyone.