Administration & Staff Directory


Office of the Dean      
Name Title Phone Number Location
Tom Frazer Dean, College of Marine Science 727.553.3369  KRC 3109
Renate Jurden Assistant to Dean 727.553.1634 KRC 3114
Traci Aquara Unit Research Administrator for the College of Marine Science 727.553.3416 MSL 107
Kristen Kusek Communications Director 727-553-3414  KRC 1107
Laurie Scott Director of Development 727.553.3537 KRC 3121
Gary Mitchum Associate Dean 727.553.3941 MSL 215
Educational Outreach      
Teresa Greely Education & Outreach Director 727.553.3921 KRC 2111
Facilities & Operations      
Joe Donnelly Facilities Manager 727.553.1190 MSL 103 
Academic Affairs      
David F. Naar Associate Dean of Academic Affairs 727.553.1637 MSL 214
Samyntha Francis Assistant Director of Academic Affairs 727.553.3944 MSL 210C
Ana Arellano Diversity Recruiter, Instructor, and Chemical Oceanographer 727.553.3504 MSL 210A
Human Resources      
Tim Trowbridge HR Administrator 727.553.3375 MSL 111
Macaulay Cardinal Unit HR Coordinator 727.553.1632 MSL 107
Finances and Accounting      
Monica Dufault Budget Director 727.553.3980 MSL 140D
Nancy Holloway Fiscal Analyst 727.553.1271 MSL 101A
Elisha M. Evangelisto Fiscal & Business Analyst 727.553.3359 MSL 114
Holly Peterson Purchasing 727.553.1194 MSL 101C
Abby Greene Fiscal & Business Specialist 727.553.3356 MSL 115
Information Technology      
Doug Myhre Technology & Systems Manager 727.553.1119 FWRI 3003
Jay Novitzke Webmaster 727.553.3390 MSL 101D
Dewey Riou IT Support Specialist 727.553.3558 MSL 109
Front Reception      
Flo Cole CMS Receptionist 727.553.1130 Front of MSL