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Brock Murch: One of NASA’s Unsung Heroes

Brock Murch, Senior System Administrator

Brock Murch, Senior System Administrator

Brock Murch, Senior System Administrator for the Optical Oceanography Lab at the USF College of Marine Science, was just recognized as an “unsung hero” by NASA.

The accolade comes thanks to Murch’s “service to the community through implementing customized websites to share NASA satellite data products and other data products,” said Chuanmin Hu, PhD, who leads the lab.

In particular NASA recognized Murch for his management of the Sargassum Watch System (SaWS). He also manages the Virtual Buoy System (VBS) that shares water quality data derived from satellite measurements, the Integrated Red tide Information System (IRIS), and more.

Congratulations, Brock!

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