Comparative Environmental Physiology (CEPh)


Bubble snail (Janthina janthina)" Photo credit is "S. Gordon/Open Boat Films.

Bubble snail (Janthina janthina) Photo credit; S. Gordon/Open Boat Films.

Welcome to the Comparative Environmental Physiology (CEPh) lab at the University of South Florida’s College of Marine Science.

We strive to understand the dynamic interactions between marine animals and their environment. Using an integrative approach, my students and I study processes ranging from organelle function to whole-animal performance to ecosystem dynamics. We are particularly interested in the balance between oxygen supply and demand and how that varies with body size, temperature, exercise and habitat. Evolution is driven by environmental change which acts on organisms' physiology and thereby fitness. We focus our research on responses of animals to changing environments and look at how these responses have evolved in space and time in hopes of predicting responses to future climate change.

Students interested in graduate studies in my laboratory should thoroughly investigate this site to learn more, and then contact me for information about how to apply. We seek curious, inquisitive, quantitatively-minded students who work and think independently and enjoy collaborating with the broader community at the College of Marine Science.


Brad Seibel