Southern Ocean Science


Current Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows


 * = Number of times student has been to Antarctica on a field expedition.

Name Research Antarctica expedition
Imogen Browne, Ph.D. The effect of the westerlies on Southern Ocean climate at geologic time scales.  
Jessica Caggiano, Ph.D. Understanding turbulence in the Southern Ocean using satellite altimetry.  
Michelle Guitard, Ph.D. Timing and characterization of siliceous muds and oozes from East Antarctica. * *
Theresa King, Ph.D. Carbon cycling in highly productive areas of the Southern Ocean. *
Jordan Meyer, Ph.D. Understanding the connection between the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation and deep currents in the Southern Ocean.  
Matthias Sieber (Postdoc) Trace metal isotope cycling in the Southern Ocean and North Pacific. * *
Brent Summers, M.S. Fe supply from margins and cycling in the South Atlantic Ocean.  
Kara Vadman, M.S. Paleothermometry and paleoceanography from foraminiferal calcite in sediment cores. * *
Ryan Venturelli, Ph.D. Cold-water paleothermometry using clumped isotope records from Antarctic calcifying organisms. * *
Yang Zhang, Ph.D. Understanding climate-related changes in eddy kinetic energy of the Southern Ocean.  

 Former Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

Name Research Antarctica expedition
Michael Kosempa, Ph.D. Sub-surface geostrophic currents of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current.  
Jessica Makowski, M.S. Understanding the transport variability in the Southern Ocean and its role in global ocean
circulation, using satellite gravimetry, altimetry, and various general circulation models.
Catherine Smith, M.S. Palynology of sediment cores from the Totten Glacier outlet in Prydz Bay
Glacial History of the Gerlache Strait.
* *
Cristina Subt, Ph.D. Refining geochronology of sediment cores of the Last Glacial Maximum. * *