ODS Teams

The teams within ODS work collaboratively to produce high-quality results for assessments, accreditation, data dashboards, hubs and reports and are the official source of data for USF.  Each team has responsibilities that allow ODS to operate at maximum efficiency.  For individual information, please refer to our Bio's page.

Senior Leadership

Senior leadership in ODS not only leads the teams and acts as a liaison to university executives, but has many responsibilities such as:

  • Coordinating consolidation documentation to SACSCOC and the BOG,
  • Enforcing policy that provides guidelines when provisioning institutional data to external entities, thereby protecting the USF brand and its data assets,
  • Ensuring accuracy and timeliness of regulatory reporting,
  • Supporting strategic renewal planning efforts
  • Leads data and information governance efforts, in partnership with Information Technology,
  • Facilitating faculty support for Academic Analytics and the Faculty Information System,
  • Supporting and participating in university strategic initiatives – Building a Digital Ecosystem, Faculty Success, and Graduate Student Success,
  • Facilitating academic planning internally with faculty and Academic Affairs and externally with the Board of Governors and SACSCOC.

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Academic Planning & Operational Reporting (APOR)

The ODS Academic Planning and Operational Reporting team includes three distinct areas of specialization: Academic Planning, Operational Reporting, and Web Applications Development.

The Academic Planning area coordinates new academic programs, including the five-year master academic plan, administers the intent proposal system, analyzes Burning Glass data, and coordinates analysis of curricular offerings, provides a central repository for University-level academic information.

The Operational Reporting team develops Student Information Systems (SIS) reports, manages Banner and SAP security, confirms employees’ FERPA compliance, and conducts and reports DAVID security.

The Web Applications Development team develops and maintains web-based academic applications for use by the University community.

For additional information, please go to the Academic Planning page.

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Executive Administration

Our executive administration team is a full support service to not only the executives, but the entire staff of ODS.  They assist with managing finance, budget, scheduling, building maintenance, external contracts, hardware purchase, p-card and educational expenses, hiring and onboarding and are the HR contact for ODS. They are a critically important support unit for Decision Support.

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Faculty Data Reporting & Analytics (FDRA)

Faculty Data Reporting & Analytics provides faculty data to the University and the University community.

The team supports regulatory reporting, national benchmark surveys, and as needed reporting to support the growing data needs of the University.

The constantly changing landscape of higher education provides an ever-growing challenge for leaders, and our team allows those leaders to make meaningful decisions to support the USF Strategic Plan.

For additional information please go to the Faculty Hub page. 

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Institutional Effectiveness (IE)

Institutional Effectiveness fosters a culture of continuous improvement throughout the University.

The team serves as USF's liaison to our institutional accreditor (SACSCOC) and to the SUS Board of Governors (BOG) for accreditation and assessment; centers and institutes; educational partnerships; and other substantive changes.

We also facilitate the assessment of student learning outcomes and the academic program review process.

For additional information, please go to the Accreditation page.

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Strategic Initiatives Planning (SIP)

The Strategic Initiatives Planning (SIP) team works with executive leadership and unit directors to provide the following:

  • Planning and managing strategic direction and enterprise relationships.
  • Facilitation of continuous improvement within ODS.
  • Leading data alignment efforts within ODS.
  • Facilitation of portfolio management for units within ODS.
  • Guidance in the execution of projects.
  • Definition and maintenance of ODS standards for documentation and project management.

It is through these efforts that SIP ensures alignment with the USF Strategic Plan and the ODS Mission and Goals.

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Student Success Research & Analytics (SSRA)

Student Success Research & Analytics (SSRA) provides support to the USF community by providing comprehensive information about USF.

We collaboratively monitor and support the core vision of USF.  Through the collection, analysis and dissemination of data, we elevate institutional planning, policy development, governmental reporting, and strategic decision-making processes.  We strive to ensure accuracy, reliability, and validity in data in order for data to be easily understood, informative, and accessible. 

For additional information, please see Student Success Hub, State, Federal & Accountability Reporting page, or the Data Tools page.

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University Performance and Survey Analytics (UPSA)

University Performance and Survey Analytics (UPSA) team routinely provides data to and analyzes data from organizations that are interested in higher education performance metrics, and conducts survey research on the student population.

Senior university leadership utilize information about USF’s performance and the student experience in strategic efforts to improve USF’s competitive advantage in the marketplace of higher education.

For additional information, please go to University Performance Analytics Suite, Rankings HubSurvey Research Hub, Post-Graduate Outcomes Hub pages or the Data Tools page.

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