Data Request



Data Types

Through this process, requests can be made for the following data:

  • Student Data
    • Benchmark
    • Directory
    • Operational
  • Faculty Data
  • Comparative Data to Other Institutions
  • Canvas Data - Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Degree Program Data

For Journalists - Please direct your data requests to University Communications and Marketing,

For requests associated with changes on the EIS Cubes please use the EIS Cube Change Request form


Request Types

Expand for common request types and data provider

Request Type
Request Details
Data Provider
Academic Research Data to support research, thesis and dissertation study. Office of the Registrar
Faculty Data Faculty data for reporting or internal purposes. Office of Decision Support
Institutional Grants Data to support a grant submissions or maintenance of a grant. Office of Decision Support
Media Request Data to be shared with media.

Direct media data requests to University Communications and Marketing

Peer Institution Comparison Data that compares USF to other peer institutions.  This could include student, faculty, or rankings information. Office of Decision Support
Solomon Act Student Organization Directory Information Directory information for potential military recruiting. Office of the Registrar
Specialized Accreditation Data to support site visits, self-assessments, accreditation, etc. related to specialized accreditation. Office of Decision Support
Student Data - Benchmark Benchmark student data that is for reporting purposes and is at one of the four USF benchmarks, First day of classes, Drop/Add, Preliminary or 6th week of classes and Final at end of term. Office of Decision Support
Student Data - Directory Directory information for currently enrolled students and applicants for graduation/awarded graduates. Office of the Registrar
Student Data - Directory (Student Organization) Directory information requested by USF Student Organizations for potential member recruiting. Office of the Registrar
Student Data - Directory (USF Health) Directory information for currently enrolled USF Health students and applicants for graduation/awarded graduates. USF Health Registrar
Student Data - Operational Transactional student data that is dynamically pulled in the SAP environment and used for internal purposes only. Office of Decision Support
Survey Research Data Information on student and/or faculty satisfaction, opinions, experience, engagement. Office of Decision Support
Survey Submission Data to support submission of national surveys. Office of Decision Support
Web Page Data to be shared on a university web page. Office of Decision Support

Self-Service ODS Data

Did you know ODS has a great deal of published data available on demand?  Prior to submitting a data request, please check to see if the information you seek is available under the Tools tab at the top of the page.

Data Usage

Data may be utilized for Internal or External purposes:

  • Internal Use – Data will only be used internally to USF. Please submit a request for data at least 3 weeks prior to date needed to ensure there is enough time to complete your request. For requests requiring less than 3 weeks, justification will be required and deadlines reviewed. Understand that delivery of data by your requested due date is not guaranteed.
    For Doctoral Students requesting data:
  • External Use – Data has been requested by an External Entity and might be used for purposes such as surveys, grants, accreditation, etc. Please submit a data request within three (3) business days of receipt of the request by the External Entity. Even if the request is due at a later time, submitting a data request as soon as possible will allow for planning required to be able to support your data needs. A Business Analyst will provide an assessment and next steps within three (3) business days of form submission. This complies with USF Policy 11-007, Data Submissions to External Entities.


There are some data that are not available through this request process. Please review the list below to determine if your request should be directed to another department.


Request Type
Request Details
Data Provider
Alumni Directory Directory information for graduates of USF. USF Alumni Association
BOG Data Board of Governors recurring or adhoc request. USF Office of Data Administration & State Reporting
Facilities Data Records Related to facilities data. USF Facilities Management
Faculty Generated Research Data request directly supporting faculty research should originate with USF Research Integrity & Compliance. USF Research Integrity & Compliance
Patient-Related Data Records related to patient data. USF Research Integrity & Compliance
Public Records Records related to official USF business. Public Records Request

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