Governance & Notifications


Data Governance

The Office of Decision Support relies on the involvement of campus leadership for guidance on how data can benefit the University, on the community of data users for advice on what information is valuable to them, and on the University data custodians to develop processes and policies to ensure that all critical data is managed correctly and consistently. By facilitating communication among these constituencies, through various governance channels, ODS is a partner in promoting a culture of shared responsibility for data as an institutional asset.

This charter serves to establish the Data Governance Program for USF and outlines the program's goals, scope, requirements and standards.  

Data Governance Charter - May 2020 (original)

Data Governance Charter - February 2021 (current)


Updates & News

Decision Support provides updates on the Faculty Information System, FIS. This is where you can go to find information on errors, issues and potential outages. 

The news is where you will find the latest information on new data hubs, reports and dashboards.

The Knowlege Base is a Confluence-based information repository on many of the projects that Decision Support takes on or supports.  This contains valuable information and documentation on Federal & State Reporting (IPEDS, Common Data Set and others), Accreditation and Assessment Reporting, Student and Faculty Reporting as well as other projects that are part of a collaborative initiatives at USF.  Be sure to check it out!