Data Use Guidance

Academic Analytics (AcA) provides data for research/scholarly activity benchmarking and discovery by collecting publicly available scholarly data (including publications, citations, and external funding) on individual faculty members, combining the data by Ph.D. program or medical specialty, and comparing it to equivalent information from similar programs in the same disciplines at other universities. Access to these data is provided through an online dashboard that is password protected and available only to approved users. AcA also enables examination of data by individual faculty members, provides a research/scholarly activity profile for each faculty member, and depicts their collaborative network. Because data on individual faculty members is present within the dashboard, it is essential that the policies on using this data carefully specify who has access and for which purposes.

Deans who are requesting access to Career Progression and Unit Modeling will be asked to sign a statement of best practices for Academic Analytics data use at USF (Example here).

Academic Analytics current access levels for Benchmarking Suite and Discovery Suite for internal USF use. Levels 1-3 require training and provisioning:

Access Levels