Technology Incubator


Admission Process

Companies that are technology based and innovation focused are eligible to apply for admission to the Tampa Bay Technology Incubator (TBTI) program. All interested parties must first submit a fully completed application for further processing. Once the application has been received and it has been determined that the company meets the minimum eligibility criteria, TBTI will proceed with the vetting process detailed below.

TBTI staff conduct phone interview with company management. Interview topics may include:

  • Company's technology
  • Market potential
  • Business model, exit strategy
  • Stage of development
  • Current and anticipated funding, including financial forecast
  • Management's background
  • Company's expectation
  • Coachability of company principals
  • Any other items on the application form

Companies may be selected to pitch to the TBTI vetting committee. Presentations will include a 10 minute pitch followed by 15 minutes of questions/answers. Within 48 hours after the pitch, TBTI staff will notify the company of their admission status.

Upon admission to the TBTI program, companies will be reviewed semi-annually at a minimum by the TBTI staff and review committee. Companies will have the opportunity to present their updated business model during this process. The process includes:

  • Company Management: (10 minute presentation)
  • Presents business plan and financials
  • Discusses milestones from previous year
  • Sets goals and objectives for the next 6 months
  • TBTI staff and review committee: (10 minute Q&A)
  • Provide feedback regarding management's presentation
  • Review committee recommendations: Ready for Graduation, Good Standing, 6-Month Review
  • TBTI staff advise company management of review committee's feedback

Selection Criteria

Tampa Bay Technology Incubator evaluates the following criteria before admitting a company:

  • A for‐profit technology company that is registered to do business in the State of Florida
  • A proprietary technology or innovation that can be commercialized or funded
  • A start‐up company (post-idea stage), existing small business in a growth phase, launching a new business project, or a new division of an existing company located outside of the Tampa Bay area
  • Experienced management in place with preferably at least one full‐time executive
  • Identifiable reasons to leverage the programs and/or services of the University of South Florida, Tampa Bay Technology Incubator and community partners
  • Potential and drive to create a significant economic impact on the Tampa Bay area by remaining in the area after graduating from TBTI
  • At least twelve-month goals and projections
  • Completion of a recognized entrepreneurial program or comparable serial entrepreneurial experience
  • Completed business plan or clearly defined business model
  • Coachability of management team
  • Sufficient capital resources to meet established short-term goals


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Our staff will contact you to learn more about your company and discuss the program.