Technology Incubator


Admission Process

Companies that are technology based and innovation focused are eligible to apply for admission to the Tampa Bay Technology Incubator (TBTI) program. All interested parties must first submit a fully completed application for further processing. Once the application has been received and it has been determined that the company meets the minimum eligibility criteria, TBTI will proceed with the vetting process detailed below.

TBTI staff conduct phone interview with company management. Interview topics may include:

Companies may be selected to pitch to the TBTI vetting committee. Presentations will include a 10 minute pitch followed by 15 minutes of questions/answers. Within 48 hours after the pitch, TBTI staff notify company of admission status

Upon admission to the TBTI program, companies will be reviewed at a minimum of semi-annually by the TBTI staff and review committee. Companies have the opportunity to present their updated business model during this process. The process includes:

Selection Criteria

Tampa Bay Technology Incubator evaluates the following criteria before admitting a company:


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