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Alumni Companies


Abacode Logo


Abacode is a cybersecurity firm that specializes in providing 24/7 cyber monitoring services for small and medium businesses. Additional cybersecurity services that Abacode offers include pen testing, assessments, forensic investigations and information security governance.



Adaptive Immersion Technologies Logo


Adaptive Immersion Technologies is dedicated to the development of adaptive simulation technologies for personnel assessment, selection, and training. Its solutions support job performance prediction and enhancement by leveraging adaptive, experiential, simulation-based assessments that mimic real problem solving activities within realistic job settings.




Agilis Biotherapeutics LLC



Agilis Biotherapeutics LLC is a biotechnology company advancing innovative DNA therapeutics for rare genetic diseases that affect the central nervous system.




BetaBiotica, LLC


BetaBiotica, LLC is pioneering the use of probiotic organisms as a delivery platform for therapeutic compounds. BetaBiotica's first target is vitamin A deficiency, which it is solving by developing gut bacteria that synthesize pro-vitamin A carotenoids. BetaBiotica is an outgrowth of a Gates Foundation Grand Challenges Exploration grant directed at finding solutions for third world health problems. Although it is global health oriented, BetaBiotica is also developing products for markets in developed countries.




Borda Technology

Borda Technology and its sister company, RFID Innovative Solutions, provide products and solutions focusing on RFID applications. The company has software and hardware development capabilities as well as delivering turnkey solutions to its customers. Borda Technology's RFID integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software platform combined with its telemetry products provides seamless visibility into multiple industries including healthcare, pharmaceuticals and cargo. RFID Innovative Solutions, LLC, with its experience on passive RFID based locationing and analysis solution for healthcare institutions brings the ability to track assets, patients and personnel by using the standard based infrastructure.



COI Energy Services LLC

COI Energy Services LLC (COI Energy) is an Energy Optimization company that leverages technology to provide optimization solutions to utilities for its customers and Smart Cities. Utilities are looking for better ways to engage their customers to improve customer satisfaction, increase earnings, optimize the electric grid and reduce overall carbon footprint. The COI OptimizerTM, a patent-pending cloud based solution, does just that. COI Energy has incorporated all energy programs and resources under one portal to provide utility companies quick access to virtual power plants to help heal the grid.




CTI (Center for Transformation and Innovation)

CTI transforms organizations and leaders through leadership, strategy, and innovation services. Founded in 2005 by the University of South Florida, CTI offers customized solutions in: 1) Leadership (from professional to leader) – leadership development (Institutes and Academies), executive coaching, and team development; 2) Strategy (from vision to action) – strategic planning, alignment, and execution, change management programs, and sales and marketing strategies; and 3) Innovation (from idea to reality) – innovation acceleration academies, business mentoring, growth strategies, process improvement, and customer service.





CUPRX is a drug discovery company dedicated to developing safer and more effective drugs to fight cancer, even the most severe types that currently have few therapeutic options. CUPRX uses advanced computational and experimental methods in a novel approach to develop metal-activated drugs that are selective for abnormalities in metal levels in the tumor microenvironment.


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Dr. B.B. Thakar Research Center


Dr. B. B. Thakar Research Center is an early stage nutraceutical company dedicated to developing novel drug delivery systems and effective natural medicine treatments for chronic lifestyle diseases. Dr. B.B. Thakar was a physicist whose tremendous research activity inspired the creation of the Center. The Center's vision is to have an integrated approach to today's heath care problems. Preventive healthcare solutions are as important as post hoc treatment.





EASA provides a low-code software platform which web-enables existing assets within an enterprise, such as Excel spreadsheets, MATLAB, Python, R and other software. EASA software enables companies to create and deploy fit-for-purpose web apps, without coding. EASA has been used to democratize complex processes, to securely deploy spreadsheets as web apps, and to automate and integrate almost any software-based process.



IBIS Therapeutics, LLC



IBIS Therapeutics, LLC is a company committed to providing innovative healthcare services. IBIS offers a range of health technologies, including biotech sensor systems, pathogen detection and identification services.





The mission of Inteliex Biomedical Corporation is to pursue excellence in the development of an advanced nanotechnology drug delivery system and non-invasive diagnostic kit for infectious disease. Inteliex Biomedical Corporation also provides a full line of toxicology testing services at competitive prices and provides research consulting for new drug development, especially for herbal medicine.






Intezyne is committed to addressing the current and future challenges in drug delivery by developing new, advanced polymers which can be tailored to a variety of therapeutic applications to utilize innovative polymer and organic chemistry to address the most challenging obstacles in drug delivery.






InvestDefense is a groundbreaking Investigative Agency and Research Lab founded by former FBI Agents specializing in financial and investment fraud detection and prevention strategies and tactics. InvestDefense is dedicated to protecting you and your assets.






Isoprenoids provides the research community high quality isoprenoid pyrophosphates at low cost and in bulk. The compounds use slight modifications (to increase yield) of the original procedure.

They are rigorously tested for quality and concentration and guaranteed to meet or exceed the user's requirement



Ketone Technologies, LLC



Ketone Technologies, LLC partners with private and government agencies to advance the science and application of nutritional ketosis as a metabolic-based therapy and for enhancing safety, performance, and resilience of military personnel.



Lawbec innovations, LLC



Lawbec Innovations, LLC is a company dedicated to developing mobile health innovations and technology. These advancements are directed to benefit and improve the health of patients with chronic diseases.






LeapCaller is a secure, HIPAA compliant, communication cloud based platform designed to improve personal communication by improving the efficiency of phone calls/emails/voice mails/sms texts/video delivery. These features enable you reach more people and further nurture existing relationships. By automating 90% of communication, you will have more time having meaningful conversations and remain top of mind for existing clients.




Looshes Labs LLC


Looshes Labs LLC has exclusive patent rights to the only skateboard in the world with built in storage. It designs, manufactures, and showcases skateboards at trade shows allowing distributors to then distribute to retail locations across the globe.



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MegaNano BioTech, Inc.


MegaNano BioTech's purpose is to develop best immunotherapies for neurodegenerative disease and cancers including vaccine, antibodies. Our services are antigen identification, ELISA kit development, diagnostic antibodies development.





Modelithics is the premier provider of high-precision measurements and models for microwave. RF design simulation for accurately measuring components and to build software models that enable popular EDA systems to generate more accurate results.



Modulation Therapeutics

Modulation Therapeutics, Inc. is dedicated towards the rapid and cost effective advancement of early stage first in class molecules targeting the tumor microenvironment. Tumors that home or metastasize to the bone are typically difficult to treat with standard chemotherapy. They propose that strategies to eradicate tumors that home or metastasize to the bone marrow compartment must include disrupting tumor-host interactions. Their lead compound MTI-101 targets CD44, a cell adhesion molecule required for homing to the bone. Their compound shows activity as a single agent using myeloma in vivo models. They project IND filing of their lead compound MTI-101 in the fourth quarter of 2013. The company's goal is to develop the lead compound for the treatment of Myeloma a plasma cell tumor which homes to the bone and a disease which currently has no curative therapies available.




Molekule is a brand new technology that rapidly, safely, and completely destroys indoor air pollutants including bacteria, viruses, mold, and allergens.



NeuroEM Therapeutics


NeuroEM Therapeutics focuses on medical devices, namely, transcranial electromagnetic treatment devices. The primary goal of NeuroEM Therapeutics is to clinically test and market TEMT as an effective prevention and treatment against Alzheimer's disease.



NeuX Technologies


NeuX Technologies develops innovative technologies with the goal of enabling people of all ages to live a longer and more active lifestyle, free of pain, injury and drug dependency. NeuX's first technological innovation is Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulation, a disruptive, diagnostic and therapeutic technology which successfully treats chronic pain and injuries. 



Nilogen Oncosystems

Nilogen Oncosystems is dedicated to the improvement of cancer drug development and personalized cancer care through its novel and proprietary preclinical immunotherapy platforms, high value ex vivo 3D tumor microsphere drug testing tools and orthotopic patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models of difficult to obtain metastatic and refractory tumors that closely recapitulate the complexity of human cancers.




Ovation Diagnostics


Ovation Diagnostics is dedicated to developing advanced and accessible ovarian cancer diagnostic technology to address an unmet need. Our goal is to fulfill a major unmet need for accurate and early detection of ovarian cancer which will result in a better survival rate among women affected by this malignancy.




Phoinix Holdings


Phoinix Holdings is a company dedicated to marrying USF's proprietary technology with industry. As a holding company, our job is to find the best fit for the technology, build prototypes, and facilitate on necessary steps in order to take a concept to commercial.



Polymaterials App, LLC

PolyMaterials App, LLC is a newly established company which employs breakthrough supercapacitor technology to develop flexible, low cost, high energy density and long life cycles based solid state supercapacitor suited for consumer electronics, aerospace & defense, toys and medical devices. The solid-state supercapacitor shows high specific capacitance and has stability in wide temperature range.




Primack & Associates, LLC


Primack & Associates, LLC is in the process of developing software which will assist individuals in learning to read English utilizing a patented technology developed at the University of South Florida. Phonic characters are animated and vocalized in such a way as to uniquely differentiate each other. This software, referred to as the Dynamic Alphabet Phonics Reading Software System, or DynA Phonics for short, will be available on various platforms including MS-Windows, as a mobile app, and as a web subscription service.



Protean Biodiagnostics

Protean Biodiagnostics focuses on the development and prototype deployment of novel diagnostic products for the personalized oncology market. This will include histology, immunohistochemistry, digital image analysis, liquid biopsy and advanced molecular analysis methods.




PureMolecular, LLC

PureMolecular, LLC is a USF technology spin-off formed in mid-2014 that provides services and technology for microbiological testing and seafood quality control. Our technology is focused on molecular identification of grouper meat to detect fraudulent or unintentional replacement with a cheaper surrogate. Our secondary focus is molecular identification of microbes in the marine environment to assist in decision making on safety in recreational water use, shellfish consumption, and ecological impact of offshore oil drilling.




Rash EndZ

RashEndZ, Inc. is the medical device start-up that patented the world's first non-occludable, non-cloggable skin aeration technology, REZairTM, for the millions of people suffering with incontinence. REZairTM connects to any consumer respiratory air or oxygen source and circulates that air directly to the patient's garment/diaper-covered skin. The result is the soothing comfort of continuous wetness reduction and increased oxygenation of the patient's skin, day or night, whether bed-bound or mobile. This new therapy we call Dynamic Oxygen Skin Therapy (DOSTTM). This form of topical oxygen therapy has never been available to be public before REZairTM.






Saneron is a biotechnology R&D company, focused on neurological and cardiac cell therapy for the early intervention and treatment of several devastating or deadly diseases, which lack adequate treatment options. Saneron, a University of South Florida spin-out company is located at the Tampa Bay Technology Incubator. An affiliate of Cryo-Cell International, Inc. Saneron is committed to providing readily available, non-controversial, ethically acceptable cells, both stem cells and other cell types, for cellular therapies. Saneron has patented and patent-pending technology relating to our platform technology of: U-CORD-CELL® — Umbilical cord blood and SERT-CELLTM — Sertoli cells.




SGN Nanopharma



SGN Nanopharma, Inc. is an innovative, clinical-stage and revenue-generating developer of nanotherapeutics. The Company combines proprietary nanotechnologies with structural biology to generate superior solutions by:

- Reformulating FDA approved drugs that are sub-optimal
- Developing novel therapies

SGN is committed to the development of nano-cannabinoid candidate products targeting transdermal delivery, increased bioavailability, and reduced psychotropic effects. Their aim is to safely deliver large dose therapies as an alternative to many traditional medicines such as opiates, which are currently considered over prescribed and potentially life-threatening.




Soilcea is creating non-GMO citrus trees that cure the citrus industry's deadliest diseases. Two bacterial diseases, citrus canker and citrus greening, are decimating the Florida citrus industry, having already cost the state over $7.8 billion in lost revenue. If the current decline continues, Florida's citrus industry will be all but obsolete in the near future. At Soilcea, our in-house team is working diligently with industry-respected researchers at the University of Florida, as well as other leading agricultural institutions, to forestall the rapid decline of citrus production and deliver a cure for these deadly pathogens by utilizing the powerful CRISPR/Cas9 system.



SprainGo LLC is a developer and distributor of unique, natural, topical pain relieving compounds under the brand name RelieveIt. Founded in 2013, the company markets innovative pain relief, wellness and related topically administered products. The Company's goal is to provide products that deliver natural pain relief to sufferers of acute sprains and strains, those with pains resulting from surgical procedures, and the hundreds of millions suffering from chronic ailments.


StemCell Lab Corp

StemCell Lab Corp is a client-based cell therapy services company that supports the development of cellular therapies by providing cGMP-compliant cell manufacturing and consulting services that address regulatory, financial, technical, process, and quality systems strategies.



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Tampa Deep Sea Xplorers


Tampa Deep Sea Xplorers was founded in order to develop an autonomous underwater vehicle swarm, and related technologies, to compete in the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE as well as to design and develop technologies that will make exploration and conservation efforts in the deep sea more efficient and cost-effective.




TransGenex discovers and develops nanoparticle formations to diagnose as well as treat acute and chronic pulmonary inflammatory diseases and cancer based on unique gene expression and delivery technology.



Venn Therapeutics

Venn Therapeutics is an immune-oncology company that focuses on developing therapies that target the toughest to treat cancers. In particular, Venn focuses on priming the immune system to recognize and attack tumors that not adequately treated by current immune-oncology approaches.





Viagene, a global biotech company, develops and produces innovative and cutting edge equipment and reagents for life-science research and clinical diagnoses. The core world-wide leading technology is for the identification and detection of gene expression-regulating proteins, which are involved in a variety of life stages: growth, development, disease, age and life span.




 ViroCure USA


ViroCure USA, Inc. finds and develops unique viruses to safely and effectively treat terminal cancer illnesses with no current cure regimen. They aim to find and catalogue twenty different oncolytic viral or vaccine species for cancer and other therapeutics by 2020. The company is currently conducting pre-clinical and clinical studies on three different strains: ReoCure, MyxoCure, and SquiCure.





VuEssence is a development-stage company focused on creating innovative solutions for aiding in the diagnoses and treatment of conditions related to stroke and other neurological injuries. In spite of making strides in recognizing the early signs of stroke and managing conditions that increase risk for the disease, stroke remains as a leading cause of death and disability in the US and worldwide. Recent advances in understanding the human genome and transcriptome have created opportunities for new approaches to diagnosing, managing and treating disease. The company is utilizing advanced molecular analysis technologies to develop specialized diagnostic devices that will be able to help in the detection and management of stroke and related conditions.





WHaS is a start-up company dedicated to the design and implementation of effective and affordable technologies to purify water. WHaS is developing a technology that has the potential to improve aquatic food production, quality, and profits, as well as to reduce the impacts of the aquaculture industry on the environment. It is envisioned that the technology can be extended beyond Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS), and used to clean water from human and industrial processes.





Industrial fruit and vegetable processing generates massive volumes of waste. Despite the vast land, water and human resources required to produce these crops, these wastes have little value. The ZestBio Solution: Upgrade these wastes into useful products: household cleaning ingredients, bio-based plastics, vitamins. 



Service Providers


Entrepreneur Law Center


The Entrepreneur Law Center is a private boutique law firm offering a broad range of legal and advisory services to emerging enterprises, entrepreneurs, large and small established businesses, public and private entities, and individuals.





The Florida Small Business Development Center

The Florida Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at USF Connect, assists existing and emerging businesses in Hillsborough county, through no-cost confidential business consulting, information, and low-cost training. Whether starting, buying, growing or selling a business, the Florida SBDC at USF Connect has what entrepreneurs need to grow and succeed. Consultants can assist entrepreneurs in a variety of business topics, including: marketing, business certification, capital access, market diversification, developing strategic business plans, export services, and web optimization.







Hutchison is a boutique law firm that embraces the entrepreneurial spirit and steers entrepreneurs to success through all stages of their company's life.



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