Esports | Weekly Schedule


Our weekly events include both drop-in's and tournaments.  Drop-in's are great if you find yourself with some free time and want a casual game.  Tournaments require pre-registration and are more competitive.  If you aren't registered, then you may still be able to watch the action on our Twitch channel.

skill levels

Newbies and pros are equally welcome.  If you're new to Esports, watch this video for a 10,000-foot view of our program.


Start your Esports experience here (@USF Esports).

Discord is an Esports-focused communications platform, leveraging voice and text, that allows our community to connect. Discord is free to use and will be the primary way we share news about our programs and upcoming tournaments. 

If this is your first time playing, jump into Discord 10 - 15 ahead of time and set up an account. If you're familiar with Discord, find our server (@USF Esports) then navigate the roles to get in the game.  Out team of moderators are there to help if you need a hand.

monday | Mar 1

  • Rainbow Seige | Drop-In | 8:00 PM
  • USF Slippi Melee | Tournament Week #7 | 8:00 PM (Twitch)

Tuesday | Mar 2

  • League of Legends | Drop-in | 8:00 PM

Wednesday | mar 3

  • USF Warzone Spring League | Tournament Week #5 | 8:00 PM (Twitch)

Thursday | mar 4

  • CS:GO | Drop-In | 8:00 PM

Saturday | mar 6

  • Community Game Night* | Drop-In | 8:00 PM

Sunday | mar 7

  • Community Game Night* | Drop-In | 8:00 PM

*The game changes each time we get together for Community Game Night.  Votes will be taken once everyone arrives on Discord.