New Year's REC-olution

New Year's REC-olution

Back on January 12 & 13, we brought the RecWell community together for a two-night, virtual celebration of our facilities, programming, and community.  Now, REC-olution evolves into a month-long challenge to promote a wellness-based lifestyle.  You will explore everything we have to offer.  And win some RecWell schwag.


January 15 - February 14, 2021

How to participate

We have complied a list of activities to complete (see below).  Each time you finish an activity, take a pic and send it to us via this Microsoft Form or tag us in social media (@usfrecwell).

the activities

  1. Group Fitness | Attend a Virtual or In-Person Class
  2. Leaders in RecWell | Attend an Event
  3. Reservations | Visit the REC, FIT, or Indoor Pool
  4. Esports | Attend a Community Game Night (Discord)
  5. Riverfront Park | Visit the park
  6. You | Create your own New Year's Resolution*

*Tell us what you want to achieve in 2021 (e.g. drink more water, workout four (4) days a week, practive one (1) day a week of self care).


Prizes will be distributed to everyone who completes a MINIMUM of four (4) Activities.  We will contact all eligible winners via the information supplied during submission of your photos.