Sweat to Spring Break

Sweat to Spring Break


Whether you are going big -- or going home -- we want you to roll into Spring Break 2021 feeling fit and healthy (April 12 - 18).

The Sweat to Spring Break program encourages movement.  You select a destination from our list below then make the journey via "workout" minutes.  For example, let's say you decide to visit New Orleans.  That's 480 miles from Tampa, which means you'll need to "workout" for 480 minutes.

"Workout" means movement.  You can walk, jog, run.  Or bike.  Or lift weights.  Or swim.  Or take a yoga class.  If you're moving, it counts towards your journey.  Now let's grab your destination and sweat the distance.


Mar 1 - Apr 8


Registration is closed.

How it works

  1. Select | a destination (see below)
  2. Register | for the program (link)
  3. Complete | a workout -- any kind, any place
  4. Track | your workout via an app or device
  5. Submit | your workout (link)
  6. Repeat | steps 3 - 5 until you reach your destination*

*We'll be tracking your miles and will let you know when you've arrived.


  • Savannah, GA - 297 miles
  • New Orleans, LA – 480 miles
  • Cancun, Mexico - 543 miles
  • Nashville, TN – 622 miles
  • Montego Bay, Jamaica – 752 miles
  • NYC, New York - 1,004 miles
  • Montreal, Canada – 1,307 miles
  • Denver, CO – 1,522 miles
  • Grand Canyon, AZ – 1,818 miles
  • San Francisco, CA – 2,397 miles
  • Lima-peru – 2,789 miles

*Plans change.  So can yours.  At any point during your journey, you can select a new destination.  Unlike those pesky travel companies, we won't charge you a change fee.  Shoot an email with your new destination to Katie Haff (

submit your workouts

Use this link.