USF Global Spotlight

Angelica Nguyen

Angelica Nguyen

Angelica Nguyen, Class of 2020

December 11, 2018

Angelica is a student of the Muma College of Business double majoring in Finance and Business Analytics and Information Systems. Currently, she works as a Career Peer Advisor at USF Career Services, where she counsels up to 20 students a week. She helps them in their job searches and also gives presentations to student organizations to help market the center. “I have been introduced to many opportunities through my peers at Career Services such as study abroad experiences, Global Citizens Project, and international internships. I am very thankful to work with such a great team.”

During the summer before her sophomore year, she participated in a service abroad trip through a Geographical Perspective Honors College course. She traveled to Peru where she learned about the history, cosmovision, and cultural beliefs that shape the lives of indigenous people. She worked through various projects including potato harvesting, traditional weaving, cooking Peruvian food, and making tea bags from medicinal plants all while learning about Peru’s rich culture and land. “This was an incredible, unique opportunity that still influences my life today. Traveling to Peru was my first international experience and it gave me the travel bug.” Next semester, Angelica will be traveling to Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia as an exchange student.