USF Global Spotlight

Delina Aylay

Delina Aylay
Delina Aylay, USF Class of 2019
July 9, 2019

USF has shown Aylay that her voice matters.

Serving as a fundraising chair for the African Students Association (ASA), mentoring for the Intercultural Student Leadership Conference (ISLC), holding a Residential Assistant position, receiving a Global Citizen Award and studying abroad in Florence, Italy, it’s clear that Aylay has immersed herself in the USF and American culture.

Originally from Asmara, Eritrea, Aylay wanted to find a home away from home. That home was the ASA.

After winning the 2016 Miss Africa title, she took that platform to USF where she shared the beauty and struggles of her home country within the ASA.

In addition to many of her accomplish during her undergraduate studies, Aylay drafted an initiative, “Why not Us,” which is targeted for college students to mentor youth and promote global civility.

She also credits her growth at USF to her study abroad trip to Florence, Italy, where she was able to reconnect to Italian, which was her second language while growing up in Africa.

Her efforts at USF earned her a spot on the 2018-2019 Muma College of Business 25 under 25 list.

“My involvement has changed my life at USF,” Aylay said. “I am blessed to have felt that sense of community.”

Aylay is currently studying for the GMAT and plans to come back to USF in January to pursue her MBA. She hopes to become a diplomat for Eritrea after her graduate studies.