USF Global Spotlight

Di Li

Di Li

Di Li, Class of 2017

March 12, 2019

Di Li is a USF alum who earned her B.S. in Industrial Engineering. During her time at USF, she studied abroad on the 2016 Honors Germany Abroad Program in Osnabruck, Germany.

Di was surprised to learn that the German culture is very diverse, both in terms of people as well as landscapes and customs. She also characterizes the people as being very friendly, once you’re acquainted with them. “Every German city we visited on the program offered something unique and memorable. All these experiences taught me to never make assumptions and always be ready to be amazed by others.”

She recognizes that there are many barriers to students hoping to study abroad, but emphasizes the importance of using resources to make it happen. “I would recommend everyone to study abroad and ask for help to make it happen. Do not let funding or time away from your current path stop you from the opportunity of a lifetime. I would advise students to ask their advisor and friends who have studied abroad about resources for scholarships, programs, and tips.”

Currently residing in Boston, Di is working within a rotational leadership program with GE Healthcare. After finishing, she plans to further develop her skills as a supply chain professional in healthcare and pursue a master’s degree.