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Fernando Zamora Cruz

Fernando Zamora Cruz

Fernando Zamora Cruz, Class of 2020

November 14, 2018

Fernando is studying civil engineering and recently started his junior year at USF. He participated in a study abroad STEM program at Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla, Colombia in summer 2018. “My time abroad was an amazing experience," said Fernando. "I learned a lot about Colombia and it’s culture. I got the opportunity to meet plenty of awesome people who when out of their way just to make sure my experience in Colombia was the best.” Spending time abroad helped Fernando to appreciate all of the resources he has available at USF and in the US. It helped him realize the things that he had taken for granted.

In the near future, Fernando plans to help other students with the registration process and to learn about the study abroad programs offered by USF. “You won’t regret studying abroad, but you will regret your decision not to. You will gain more perspectives that you never could have expected. And the experiences and friendships are priceless!”