USF Global Spotlight

Hiwot Zewdie

Hiwot Zewdie

Hiwot Zewdie, Class of 2019

March 5, 2019

Hiwot Zewdie is pursuing a double major in Cell and Molecular Biology and Psychology. During her time at USF, she has studied abroad in Japan and Vietnam.

During her time abroad, Hiwot participated in excursion-based programs, which allowed her to focus on experiential learning as opposed to classroom-based. She was able to visit many museums and landmarks as well as interact with the locals in each country.

Hiwot admits that she felt uncomfortable about going abroad and being out of her comfort zone, but is glad that she did. “By allowing myself to be uncomfortable and navigating in an unknown space, I unknowingly developed a profound sense of self that has allowed me to thrive as an individual long after my time abroad. My strengthened sense of self gave me the confidence to take on many leadership roles which allowed me develop both personally and professionally.”

Hiwot offers the following advice to those considering traveling abroad: “I would advise that you spend time reflecting while you are abroad. Whether that be through journaling or blogging, I think it is very important to document your experiences and spend time processing them so that you can make your trip more meaningful.”

Hiwot is currently applying to graduate schools to further her education with a master’s degree in Global Health.