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Janelle Neary

Janelle Neary

Janelle Neary, Class of 2018

July 31, 2018

While pursuing a BA in Sociology, Janelle had the opportunity to study abroad twice, first in 2015 on the USF Art and Art History in Paris program and the second in 2017 with USF in London. She was drawn to both of these cities for the culture and history that they offer. Janelle explored mysterious ancient sites, elegant homes of former (or current) royalty, and esteemed works of art - sometimes all in the same day. “Being able to study abroad with USF provided the greatest, most immersive experiences possible, and nothing can compare to feeling like a local in a place like Paris or London.”

Studying abroad has contributed to Janelle’s success in many ways. After returning from studying in Paris, her grades improved immensely and so did her confidence. Studying abroad in London proved to even more influential as it came to be how she discovered Birkbeck, University of London and inspired her to pursue a subject she had always loved, art history. In September, Janelle will be returning to London to pursue her Masters in the History of Art. “For those thinking about studying abroad, the greatest advice I can offer is to just do it. Go, do your work but live up every moment, and spend as little time as possible sitting in your dorm. There is no greater way to learn than by fully immersing yourself in another culture, and it just might inspire you more than you think.”