USF Global Spotlight

Lauren George

Lauren George

Lauren George, Class of 2018

July 10, 2018

While pursuing a B.S. in public health with a minor in Spanish, Lauren studied abroad several times. For her first experience, she participated in the USF Spain summer program. She visited 20 cities, gained confidence in her Spanish-speaking abilities, and met life-long friends. Next, Lauren went to the Dominican Republic, where she spent two weeks shadowing doctors in a private clinic and public hospital. “This program is what made me realize my combined passion for global health and medicine. For her third trip, Lauren joined the USF in Florence Science program in Italy. “I was able to explore Florence while looking for things that connected back to what I was learning and receive credit for those discoveries.”

Lauren’s most recent abroad experience was the Honors Service Break in the Dominican Republic. As an intern, she assisted with the construction of a kitchen for a local school to help provide students and the community with a safe place for food preparation. “All of these experiences have shaped who I am today as a student, public health advocate, and as a person as a whole.”

Later this summer, Lauren will be pursuing a Master of Public Health (MPH) program at Brown University in Providence, RI. She plans on continuing her studies with a Doctor of Public Health in either Epidemiology or Community Health Sciences. “My time abroad helped me to figure out the kind of career I want and envision for myself, and the next steps that I need to take in order to get there.” Her goal is to work both nationally and abroad serving communities around the world. “USF has all of the resources to prepare you for your experience, and they are there to support you before, during, and after your trip. Study abroad will benefit you academically, but it also has the power to connect you to people all over the world and create new opportunities if you allow it.”