USF Global Spotlight

Mark Lane-Holbert

September 4, 2018

Mark completed his Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics in 2017. Throughout his college career, he had the opportunity to travel extensively through scholarships and the Peace Corps. As a Fulbright Scholar, Mark studied at the University of Essen, Germany where he conducted a project at the Intercultural Pedagogy department. As part of this program, he researched migrant integration and inter-religious dialogue in federal schools. Mark also served in the Peace Corps, where he was assigned to Sibiu (Hermannstadt), Romania. He served as a EFL and theatre teacher at a bi-lingual high school and worked with an NGO for women's health and anti-trafficking programs as his secondary project.

“All of these experiences have provided me with perspectives I would never otherwise have gained in the US on a traditional career path, and a completely different framework for approaching teaching and learning,” said Mark upon reflection. Currently, Mark is an adjunct faculty member at the Department of World Languages at USF and organizes/implements English as a Second Language and Citizenship Preparation classes for Housing Facilities/Custodial staff in his spare time. He was also granted the English Language Fellowship to conduct teacher training and workshops through Bi-National Centers, supported by the State Department in Bogota, Colombia starting in Spring 2018.