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Raj Patel

Raj Patel

Raj Patel, Class of 2018

June 26, 2018

On-campus involvement defined Raj Patel’s time at USF. Graduating in December 2018 with a degree in biomedical sciences and a minor in public health, Raj recently completed his term as president of the Students of India Association (SIA). As the largest multicultural organization on campus, SIA hosts events that generally mark popular Indian socio-cultural festivals such as Diwali and Holi. SIA also collaborates with other student organizations to host events geared towards making international students feel welcomed at USF. During his time as president, Raj oversaw an array of philanthropic and community outreach efforts including donating to The Hunger Project and providing airport pickups and temporary housing accommodations for newly-arrived international students.

Raj’s three years of SIA involvement gave him a rich and wholesome experience not only in developing leadership, but also in fostering many friendships and memories. After graduation, Raj hopes to use these skills he gained to attend medical school and pursue clinical medicine. “One thing I have enjoyed from these experiences is the challenge that these experiences provide, not only in obtaining them but also in maintaining them. This keeps the experience quite enjoyable and always allows me to learn or take away something impactful to further improve my leadership. My philosophy is that growth can only be fostered in the face of a challenging task, not in the face of an effortless one.”