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Sofia Tejera Moran

Sofia Tejera Moran
Sofia Tejera Moran, USF Class of 2019

July 23, 2019

Since coming to USF, Tejera Moran has blossomed out of her comfort zone through leadership positions and responsibilities.

Serving as a marketing director for the Plan Pais Conference, studying abroad in Florence, Italy, receiving a Global Citizens Scholarship and interning overseas, Tejera Moran took full advantage of her time and opportunities during her undergraduate studies at USF.

Tejera Moran has been able to develop her interpersonal and communication skills despite not liking or wanting leadership positions in high school. She credits this growth to the Plan Pais Conference, which is held for Venezuelan students in the United States.

“This experience gave me the opportunity to work in a fast-paced environment and take responsibility of very important tasks for the success of the conference,” she said. “I also managed their social media platforms and was able to increase the organization’s following on Instagram by 10,000 followers. I achieved this by creating quality content and contacting Venezuelan influencers to promote the conference.”

In addition to many of her accomplish during her undergraduate studies, Tejera Mora studied abroad in Florence, Italy, where she found that immersing herself in the Italian culture allowed her to appreciate the beauty of the city.

To add to her international experiences, the Venezuelan native interned in Zurich, Switzerland where she developed skills that are important and beneficial to her future career. 

Tejera Moran is currently serving as a graduate assistant at the Muma College of Business. She will pursue a master’s degree in marketing at USF in the Fall.