USF Global Spotlight

Tianni Spence

Tianni Spence

Tianni Spence, USF Class of 2019

September 17, 2019

Making an impact has been key to Tianni Spence’s undergraduate success as a bull.

Spence has big aspirations and a bright future ahead of her thanks to her embodiment towards many aspects of a global culture at USF.

Serving as a Community Service Chair for the Caribbean Cultural Exchange (CCE) and participating in the College of Public Health’s (COPH) ‘Public Health in Canada study abroad program,’ has allowed Spence to experience and witness things that have solidified her passion for Public Health.

Spence took a trip to Belize City in September of 2018 where she became aware of the financial struggles the city faces. One of those struggles included a need for clothing, something many take for granted.

After returning from the trip, the eye-opening experience urged Spence and the rest of the E-board to implement a clothing drive as their way of giving back to various countries in the Caribbean every year.

She and the board collected enough clothing to fill two barrels in just three months.

While studying abroad in Canada earlier this year, Spence immersed herself in service learning, which in turn made her realize the importance of a holistic approach in the field of Public Health.

Her persistent doesn’t go unnoticed. As her undergraduate career comes to a close later this Fall, Spence is taking her enlightening experiences to pursue the Global Citizen’s Award.

“As I have been working towards the award, I have learned so much about the different global competencies and the importance of being able to interact meaningfully in diverse spaces,” Spence said. “My involvement at USF has definitely enhanced my time here. All of my experiences have allowed me to grow both personally and professionally.”

She finds that her goal of unifying and uplifting communities is still a driving factor personally and for her future career.

Spence will be graduating this Fall with a degree in Health Science, concentrating in Biological Health and Health management. Soon she will be applying to graduate school where she plans to pursue a Master’s Degree in Public Health.