USF Global Spotlight

Wei Yang Yap

Wei Yang Yap

Wei Yang Yap, Class of 2019

December 4, 2018

Wei Yang is pursuing two bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Spanish. In Fall 2015, he participated in the iBuddy program, which promotes diversity and acceptance of different cultures. “The program taught me a lot about people from other countries. I was paired up with students from all over the world and we would attend activities together.” Soon after joining, Wei Yang was appointed the International Outreach Coordinator where he helped plan and facilitate events.

Wei Yang also worked as a student leader for INTO USF. “ My experience with INTO made me realize that there is still a lot more for me to discover and learn, especially as an international student.” Wei Yang is working towards a career in data science. He is planning on pursuing a master’s degree in Business Analytics at USF after his undergraduate studies.