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Fulbright Faculty Directory


Stephen Aikins
USF Department: School of Public Affairs
Country/Region: Accra, Ghana
Project Title: Leadership and Financial Governance Education in Ghana
Field of Study: Public Administration

Norma Alcantar
USF Department: Department of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
Country/Region: Darmstadt, Germany
Project Title: New Surfaces from Natural Materials
Field of Study: Chemical Engineering

Laura Anderson
USF Department: Department of Chemistry
Country/Region: Cali, Valle Del Cauca, Colombia
Project Title: Promoting Collaborative Learning in Science Courses at Uniquindio and Univalle to Contribute to the Education Revolution in Colombia
Field of Study: Organic Chemistry

Terry-Rene Brown
USF Department: Department of Integrative Biology
Country/Region: Cambridge, United Kingdom
Project Title: Climate Change and Biodiversity: Science and Policy in the European Union
Field of Study: Environmental Biology

Nathan Fisk
USF Department: College of Education
Country/Region: London, United Kingdom
Project Title: Securing the Digital Future
Field of Study: Social Sciences

Babu Joseph
USF Department: Department of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
Country/Region: Mumbai, India
Project Title: Conversion of Waste Biomass to Diesel and Gasoline
Field of Study: Chemical Engineering

Jerry Koehler
USF Department: Department of Information Systems and Decision Sciences
Country/Region: Minsk, Belarus
Project Title: MBA Program for Professionals
Field of Study: Management

Judithanne McLauchlan
USF Department: University of South Florida St. Petersburg, Department of History and Politics
Country/Region: Tetovo, Macedonia
Project Title: Rule of Law, Judicial Reform and Civil Society in Macedonia
Field of Study: Observation of US Government

Dianne Morrison-Beedy
USF Department: Department of Nursing
Country/Region: Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Project Title: Modifying an Adolescent Risk Reduction Intervention for Scottish Girls
Field of Study: Nursing Education

Yashwant Pathak
USF Department: Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Country/Region: Surabaya, Indonesia
Project Title: Enhancing Pharmacy Curriculum Incorporating Nanotechnology
Field of Study: Medicine-Pharmacy

Christina Richards
USF Department: Department of Integrative Biology
Country/Region: Rennes, France
Project Title: Enhancing the Biology Curriculum at University of South Florida and University of Rennes with Ecological Epigenetics: Merging Ecology and Epigenomics Approaches
Field of Study: Population Biology

James Stock
USF Department: Department of Marketing
Country/Region: Helsinki, Finland
Project Title: Supply Chain Sustainability in Finland--Best Practices
Field of Study: Marketing

Elizabeth Strom
USF Department: School of Public Affairs
Country/Region: Vienna, Austria
Project Title: Urban Restructuring and Redevelopment in Vienna
Field of Study: Urban Development & Planning


Thomas (Grandon) Gill
USF Department: Information Systems and Decision Sciences, Muma College of Business
Country/Region: Rondebosch
Project Title: Collaborating With Local Academics to Develop Case Studies in Support of e-Skills Improvement in South Africa
Field of Study: Management Information Systems
Amber Gum
USF Department: Mental Health Law and Policy, College of Behavioral and Community Sciences
Country/Region: Ramat-Gan, Israel
Project Title: Brief Behavioral Interventions for Migrant Home Care Workers and Older Adults; Training Brief Behavioral Interventions 
Field of Study: Geropsychology
Steven Prevaux
USF Department: General Counsel
Country/Region: Paris, France
Project Title: U.S.-France International Education Administrators Seminar 
Field of Study: International Law
Ravi Sankar
USF Department: Electrical Engineering, College of Engineering
Country/Region: Sao Carlos, Brazil 
Project Title: Development of a Bed Mobility Monitoring and Assessment System: A Feasibility Study
Field of Study: Electrical Engineering
Jenifer Schneider
USF Department: Teaching and Learning, College of Education
Country/Region: Waterford City, Ireland
Project Title: Creating Life-Long Readers through Children's Literature: A Collaboration Between Adult Further Education and Literacy Studies
Field of Study: Reading, Comprehension


Michael Brannick 
USF Department: Psychology, College of Arts and Sciences
Country/Region: Ankara, Turkey
Project Title: Meta-Analysis: Quantitative Methods for Combining Results Across Studies
Field of Study: Psychology
Nathan Crane
USF Department: Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering
Country/Region: Sheffield, United Kingdom
Project Title: Design for Additive Manufacturing (AM) with Tailored Mechanical Properties
Field of Study: Engineering
Dianne Morrison-Beedy
USF Department: College of Nursing
Country/Region: Paris, France
Project Title: U.S.-France International Education Administrators Program
Field of Study: Nursing
Eric Storch
USF Department: Pediatrics, Morsani College of Medicine
Country/Region: Antiguo Cuscatlán, El Salvador
Project Title: Implementing Evidence-Based Treatment for Childhood Anxiety in El Salvador: An Initial Effectiveness Test
Field of Study: Clinical Child Psychology



Kiki Caruson

Kiki Caruson
USF Department: USF World
Country/Region: India
Project Title: Fulbright-Nehru Senior International Education Administrators Seminar
Field of Study: Higher Education and International Collaboration


Robin Danzak
USF Department: Communication Sciences and Disorders 
Country/Region: Italy 
Project Title: Bilingual Writing of Italian Students Learning English: An Inquiry from Two Perspectives 
Field of Study: Teaching English As Foreign Language


Abraham Kandel
USF Department: College of Engineering
Country/Region: Beersheva, Israel
Project Title: Information Technology
Field of Study: Computer Science and Engineering


Robert Lawrence

Robert Lawrence
USF Department: School of Art and History 
Country/Region: Romania 
Project Title: New Horizons for Art & Film in a Networked World 
Field of Study: Film, Electronic Arts, Social Aesthetics



Camilla Vásquez

Camilla Vásquez
USF Department: World Languages, College of Arts and Sciences
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Project Title: Discourse and Digital Practices
Field of Study: Applied Linguistics


Eva Kimonis

Eva Kimonis
USF Department: Mental  Health Law and Policy
Country/Region: Cyprus
Project Title: Improving the Identification of Cypriot Youth at Risk for Severe Behavior Problems to Implement Evidence-Based Interventions
Field of Study: Developmental Psychology; Clinical Psychology

Yiliang Zhu

Yiliang Zhu
USF Department: Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, College of Public Health
Country/Region: China
Project Title: Evidence-informed Policies/Programs in Support of Rural Healthcare Reform: Innovation and  Evaluation of the Rural Cooperative Medicare System in Gansu
Field of Study: Public Policy

Pratyusha Basu

Pratyusha Basu
USF  Department: Department  of Geography
Country/Region: Kenya
Project Title: Cattle  and Cash: Value of Women's Work in Kenya's Smallholder Dairying Program
Field Of Study:Geography


Kersti  Linask

Kersti  Linask
USF Department: Department  of Pediatrics
Country/Region: Estonia
Project title: Stabilization of Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cell Cardiomyogenic Commitment
Field of Study: Biology



Heide Castañeda

Heide Castañeda
USF Department: Anthropology
Country/Region: Germany
Project Title: Impact of European Union Membership on the Roma Living in Germany: Freedom of Movement and Health Citizenship
Field of  Study: Cultural Anthropology, Medical Anthropology, Citizenship Studies

Ella Schmidt

Ella Schmidt - USF St. Pete
USF Department: Anthropology, Criminology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences - USF - St. Petersburg
Country/Region: Valle del Mezquital, Hidalgo, Mexico
Project Title: The Local as Global: Hnahnu Communal Ethos Revisited
Field of Study: Cultural Anthropology: Transnational Communities, Communal Citizenship

Stefan Frisch

Stefan Frisch
USF  Department: Communication Sciences and Disorders
Country/Region: Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
Project Title: Phonological Similarity in the Mental Lexicon
Field Of Study: Linguistics, Cognitive Psychology


Thomas Bernard

Thomas Bernard
USF Department: Environmental and Occupational Health
Country/Region: United Kingdom
Project title: What to do about the Clothing in Heat Stress Assessment
Field of Study: Occupational Health and Safety


Sarah Kruse

Sarah Kruse
USF Department: Geology
Country/Region: El Salvador
Project Title: Geophysics Degree Program Development and Landslide/Debris Flow Studies in El Salavador
Field of Study: Geophysics


Wei Zhu

USF Department: World Languages
Country/Region: Sofia, Bulgaria
Project Title: English Language Methodology; Second Language Academic Writing
Field of Study: TEFL/Applied Linguistics



John Petrila

John Petrila
USF Department: Mental Health Law & Policy
Country/Region: Netherlands
Project Title: International Perspectives on the Rights of Individuals with Mental Disabilities; Developing a Forensic Psychology Research Program for the Netherlands
Field of Study: Law, Forensic Psychology

 Judithanne Scourfield-McLauchlan

Judithanne Scourfield-McLauchlan
USF Department: USF St. Petersburg, Government and  International Affairs
Country/Region: Republic of Moldova, Eastern Europe
Project Title: U.S. Constitutional Law and Judicial Process
Field Of Study: Public Law


Margarethe Kusenbach

Dr. Margarethe Kusenbach
USF Department: Sociology
Country/Region: Berlin, Germany          
Project Title: Understanding Cities and Communities: Qualitative Research in Germany and the United States
Field of Study: Urban and Community Sociology


Maria de los Angeles Crummett

Dr. Maria de los Angeles Crummett
USF Department: International Affairs
Country/Region: Japan
Project Title: Japan International Education Administrators Program  
Field Of Study: Higher Education

 Alexander T. Levine

Dr. Alexander T. Levine
USF  Department: College of Arts and Sciences
Country/Region: Argentina
Project Title: Embodied Intelligence and the Philosophy of Mind
Field Of Study: Philosophy


Iona Sarieva

Iona Sarieva
USF  Department: College of Arts and Sciences
Country/Region: Bulgaria
Project Title: Applied Linguistics and Teaching English as a Second  Language (TESL) with Computer Assisted Learning Extensions
Field Of Study: World Languages


Kay Perrin

Kay Perrin
USF Department: USF Health
Country/Region: India
Project Title: Teaching courses in adolescent health and research methods for graduate nursing students.  
Field Of Study: Adolescent Health

 Claudia Jannone

Claudia Jannone
USF Department: College of Arts and Sciences
Country/Region: Tunisia
Project Title: Lecturing: Cultural Stories: Journeys in American Literature; Casting Roman Mosaics Into Verse 
Field Of Study: English

Michael Timpson

Dr. Michael Timpson
USF Department: College of Visual and Performing Arts
Country/Region: Taiwan
Project Title: Writing a book entitled, "Writing for Chinese Instruments: A Handbook of Orchestrational and Philosophical Approaches for Western Composers." 
Field Of Study: Music Composition

 Michael Foley

Michael Foley

USF Department: College of Visual and Performing Arts
Country/Region: Mexico
Project Title:  Danza Contemporanea en Mexico: Riding the New Wave of Modern Dance in Coastal Mexico Municipal Institute of Culture, Tourism and Art
Field of Study: Dance

 Kerry Glamsch

Kerry Glamsch
USF Department: College of Visual and Performing Arts
Country/Region: Romania
Project Title: Lecturing: American Culture and Film
Field of Study: Theatre



Darlene DeMarie

Dr. Darlene DeMarie
USF Department: Psychological Social Foundations
Country/Region: South Africa
Project Title: Early Childhood Teacher Education; Investigating Schools Through Words and Photographs of Children
Field Of Study: Psychology, General

 Harry Edwin Vanden

Dr. Harry Edwin Vanden
USF Department: Government and International Affairs
Country/Region: Brazil
Project Title: U.S. Latin American Relations; The Landless Movement and Democratic Decision Making
Field of Study: Political Science, General



Abdelwahab Hechiche

Dr. Abdelwahab Hechiche
USF Department: Government and International Affairs
Country/Region: Algeria
Project Title: France and the Arab-Islamic World in European-American Relations
Field Of Study: Political Science, General


Carnot Edward Nelson

Dr. Carnot Edward Nelson
USF Department: Department of Psychology
Country/Region: Turkey
Project Title: Furthering Collaboration in Industrial and Organizational Psychology Between the University of South Florida and Hacettepe University
Field of Study: Psychology, General

 Daniel Mark Belgrad

Dr. Daniel Mark Belgrad
USF Department: Department of Humanities and American Studies
Country/Region: Ukraine
Project Title: American Modernity and Modernism in Cross-Cultural Perspective
Field of Study: American Studies


Mahmood H. Nachabe

Dr. Mahmood H. Nachabe
USF Department: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Country/Region: United Arab Emirates
Project Title: A Bridge to the United Arab Emirates Field of Study: Engineering, General


Michael J. Decker

Dr. Michael J. Decker
USF Department: Department of History
Country/Region:  Middle East, North Africa, Central and South Asia
Project Title: The Archaeological Past and the Economic  Future: Cultural Resource Management and Tourism Development in North Africa and the Middle East
Field of Study: History


Dr. Irene Hayrapetian
USF Department: World Languages/English Language Institute
Country/Region: Syria
Project Title: Linguistics for TEFL Professionals Field of Study: Applied Linguistics

Dr. John Louis Daly
USF Department: Department of Government and International Affairs
Country/Region: Swaziland
Project Title: Sustaining Public Service Professionalism In The Kingdom Of Swaziland
Field of Study: Public Administration /Policy

Dr. Mahmood H. Nachabe
USF Department: Department of Civil and Environmental  Engineering
Country / Region: United Arab Emirates
Project Title: A Bridge to the United Arab Emirates
Field of Study: Engineering, General


Ann C. DeBaldo
USF Department: Public Health
Country/Region: India
Project Title: Public Health Education in India
Field of Study: Public Health, General

Dr. Darrell L. Slider
USF Department: Department of Government and International Affairs
Country/Region: Russian Federation
Project Title: The Federation Council and the Reshaping of Russian Federation
Field of Study: Political Science, General

Dr. Maria Esformes
USF Department: Department of World Language Education
Country/Region: Spain
Project Title: Sephardic Studies and Latino Writers in the United States
Field of Study: American Literature

Dr. Susan M. Becker
USF Department: Department of Community and Family Health
Country/Region: India
Project Title: Research Methodology and Social Development
Field of Study: Social Work, General


Dr. Abraham Kandel
USF Department: Computer Science and Engineering Department
Country/Region: Israel
Project Title: Applied Computational Intelligence and Data Mining to Software Reliability and Software Quality
Field of Study: Engineering, General

Dr. Roger Cole
USF Department: Department of World Language Education
Country\Region: Bulgaria
Project Title: General Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition
Field of Study: Applied Linguistics

Dr. Wayne William Westhoff
USF Department: Department of Community and Family Health
Country/Region: Venezuela
Project Title: Utilizing a Disaster Management Training  Program to Sustain a University-to-University Partnership
Field of Study: Medicine, General

Mr. Robert Lawrence
USF Department: Art Department
Country/Region: Malaysia
Project Title: Perspectives in Theory, Practice and Teaching of Art and Digital Communication Technology
Field of Study: Arts, General


Dr. L. Donald Duke
USF Department: Department of Environmental Science and Policy
Country/Region: Iceland
Project Title: Watershed Management and Pollution Prevention: Source Identification, Impact Assessment, Management Options Field of Study: Ecology/ Environmental Studies


Dr. Jeffra J. Flaitz
USF Department: World Languages/English Language Institute
Country / Region: Colombia
Project Title: Evaluation of University-Based TEFL Teacher Preparation
Field of Study: Applied Linguistics

Dr. Michael W. Churton
USF Department: Distance Learning
Country/Region: Malaysia
Project Title: Distance-Learning Instructional Design and Research: Focus on the Development and Design Aspects of Distance Learning in Malaysia
Field of Study: Education, General


Dr. Daniel M. Belgrad
USF Department: Department of Humanities and American Studies
Country/Region: Mexico
Project Title: Cultural Dimensions of U.S.-Mexico Relations, 1934--56
Field of Study: History, General

Dr. Maria Esformes

USF Department: Division of Languages and Linguistics
Country/Region: Greece
Project Title: Folklore, History, Culture, and Customs of the Jewish Community of Greece
Field of Study: Languages & Literature

Dr. Michael Thomas Gibbons
USF Department: Department of Government and International Affairs
Country / Region: Czech Republic
Project Title: The American Political Tradition and the Public Sphere
Field of Study: Political Science, General

Dr. Rangachar Kasturi
USF Department: Department of Computer Science and  Engineering
Country / Region: India
Project Title: Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, and Their Applications
Field of Study: Information Sciences/Systems


Dr. Boo H. Kwa
USF Department: Department of Environmental and Occupational Health
Country/Region: Malaysia
Project Title: Impact of Development on Public Health and Emerging Infectious Diseases
Field of Study: Medicine, General

Dr. John L. Daly
USF Department: Department of Government and International Affairs
Country/Region: Swaziland
Project Title: The Lure of Providing Technical Assistance and Training in Swaziland
Field of Study: Public Administration/Policy

Ms. Corinne L. Gaile
USF Department: Department of Art
Country/Region: Honduras
Project Title: Sculpture
Field of Study: Arts, General


Dr. Arunava Mukherjea
USF Department: Department of Mathematics
Country / Region: India
Project Title: Probability Measures on Semigroups and Random Matrices
Field of Study: Mathematics, General


Dr. María  de los Angeles Crummett
USF Department: Center for Caribbean and Latin American Studies
Country/Region: Colombia
Project Title: Gender and Economic Development; Protective Legislation and Women's Employment in Colombia
Field of Study: Economics, General

Dr. Roger W. Cole
USF Department: Department of Languages and Linguistics
Country/Region: Czech Republic
Project Title: English Language, Pedagogy, and Methodology
Field of Study:  Applied Linguistics

Ms. Gretchen W. Warren
USF Department: Department of Dance
Country/Region: Australia
Project Title: Classical Ballet; Ballet Pedagogy; Dance Areas Unique to Australia
Field of Study: Theater And Dance


Dr. Mary A. Barksdale-Ladd
USF Department: Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Country/Region: Russian Federation
Project Title: Educational Reform, Teacher Empowerment, and School/University Collaboration
Field of Study: Education, General

Dr. Richard A. Preto-Rodas
USF Department: Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics
Country/Region: France
Project Title: Comparative Literature
Field of Study: Languages & Literature


Dr. Nathan Katz
USF Department: Department of Religious Studies
Country/Region: Sri Lanka
Project Title: Comparative Religions
Field of Study: Theology, General


Dr. Nathan Katz
USF Department: Department of Religious Studies
Country/Region: Sri Lanka
Project Title: Comparative Religions
Field of Study: Theology, General


Dr. Jack B. Moore
USF Department: Department of American Studies
Country/Region: Germany
Project Title: American Literature
Field of Study: American Literature

Dr. Joseph L. Simon
USF Department: Biology Department
Country/Region: Taiwan
Project Title: Marine Invertebrate Zoology
Field of Study: Biology, General

Ms. Lynne A. Wimmer
USF Department: Department of Dance
Country/Region: Costa Rica
Project Title: Limon Technique of Contemporary Dance
Field of Study: Theater and Dance