Funding Resources

Foundations Funding

  • MacArthur Foundation

    • The MacArthur Foundation is one of the United States' "largest independent foundations." International grants focus on global issues such as human rights and justice, peace and security, conservation and sustainable development, higher educational improvement, migration, and population and reproductive health.

    • International locations include Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Russia with other special programs in Nigeria, India, and Mexico.


  • Tinker Foundation

    • The mission of the Tinker Foundation is to promote the development of an equitable, sustainable and productive society in Latin America and to enhance understanding in the U.S. of Latin America. Its programs include institutional grants (in democratic governance, education, sustainable resource management, Antarctica, and U.S. policy toward Latin America), field research grants, visiting professorships, and the Martha T. Muse Prize for Antarctic study.


  • Ford Foundation

    • The Ford Foundations works for social change through building knowledge and strengthening collaboration between organizations and within networks. Grants given will be for projects that emphasize reducing poverty and injustice, promote democratic values, and advance human knowledge, creativity, and achievement.


  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

    • Grant making priorities focus on proposals from non-profit organizations that offer an innovative and large impact on neglected areas and cooperate with local experts, governments, and businesses.
      • Emphasis is placed on development and global health initiatives in underdeveloped nations.


  • W.K. Kellogg Foundation

    • The W.K. Kellogg Foundation "supports children, families and contributors to the larger community and society." Ongoing international grant programs with opportunities in Latin America and Southern Africa focus on education, civic engagement, racial equality, human security, and child healthcare.


  • Rockefeller Foundation

    • The Rockefeller Foundation supports work that "helps people tap into globalization's benefits and strengthen resilience to risks." This includes funding work in the areas of global health, sustainable growth and resilience to climate change, and basic survival safeguards.