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USF World is committed to making global education accessible to all students throughout their academic careers at USF. While study abroad programming has been a traditional avenue for immersive intercultural experiences, new technologies and techniques have made it easier for students to engage with the world from their USF classroom or from their homes. These experiences are not a substitute for student mobility, but help supplement existing programming and enrich curriculum with meaningful content and interactions.

The USF World Global Classroom Initiative encompasses five models of engagement:

  1. Virtual Global Exchange (VGE): Virtual Global Exchange connects faculty with counterparts at partner institutions to collaborate on building an assignment or activity linked to one of their course objectives. This allows students to collaborate and learn from one another. Faculty maintain control over their students, classroom, and syllabus, but work together to enhance the student experience and help them gain vital intercultural skills. If you are interested in designing a VGE experience please explore this section further.

  2. Integrated Virtual Activities: Integrated Virtual Activities seek to embed an element of an international program into a regular USF course. Unlike Virtual Global Exchanges, students may not necessarily interact with students abroad, but may engage in a cultural tour, guest lecture, or other enhanced international element. While some ready-made experiences are available for faculty use, the Education Abroad Office can also assist in customizing an experience with a provider abroad, though this would normally result in a program cost that would need to be assessed. You can read more about possible opportunities here.

  3. Global Tech Program: The Global Tech Program is a skills-based experience utilizing real industry data and case studies to provide students a mock-work experience and produce portfolio ready projects to enhance their résumés. Students also gain the global competencies needed to work in that field internationally. Modules are led by industry leaders with keen insights into the current trends and demands of their respective industries. Students have the opportunity to earn badges that can be displayed on LinkedIn to highlight their skillsets in Global Data Analytics, Global Digital Marketing, and Global Coding & Web-Design. This program does not substitute for major specific coursework in these areas, but can instead be used by students of any major to gain skillsets associated with these fields. For more information, please see our website.

  4. International Virtual Internships (IVI): Due the pandemic, companies all over the world transitioned to permanent work-from-home or a hybridized work environment. International Virtual Internships allow students to take full advantage of this change in the workforce to gain career-building experience and intercultural competencies so vital in the global market. Experiences are tied to internship credit at USF which can be taken without contributing to excess credit hours. Students are encouraged to speak to their academic departments about credit, as many departments offer their own internship course numbers that might be used in place of the generalized IDS 3947. Please explore for more information.