International Agreements

Memorandum of Understanding

Some general agreements will "sunset" after five years with no definitive outcomes. Others will work very well and may well be renewed but do not develop into a stronger or a broader set of understandings. However, a smaller number of agreements will lead to profound research and/or academic opportunities. There may be an opportunity to seek co-PI external funding, or to develop academic understandings around linked programs, joint and dual degrees, etc. In such situations the partners will need broader university support and a third step, the development of a "Memorandum of Understanding" (MOU). Please note many General Agreements (step two) will not require an MOU.

MOU's will ensure faculty/staff seeking to develop sustainable, multi-faceted partnerships for their departments and colleges receive the full support of the appropriate administration in the USF system. An MOU will require further paperwork (for example, letters of support for grant proposals or a crosswalk of coursework receiving institutional credit). Should the general agreement expand into this kind of deeper and sustainable partnership and you wish to pursue an MOU, Ms. Morales will ask you to meet with USF World leadership for further consultation. USF World will then work with your college administration to establish further institutional support.