Florida France Linkage Institute

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?
Only individuals who have French citizenship and will be officially registered for classes in a public university or a community college in Florida are eligible to apply for the Florida-France Linkage Institute tuition waiver. New and renewal applicants must complete all items on their respective application checklist prior to submission to be considered.

Is it a loan?
No, the Florida-France Linkage Institute tuition waiver is not a loan. The tuition waiver will simply "waive" the additional costs you would otherwise pay as an international ("out-of-state") student. The tuition waiver will allow you to register for classes at the same tuition rate as a Florida resident ("in-state") student.

What is an official transcript? How do I order one?
Each semester that you apply for the waiver as either a new or renewal applicant, you must request a copy of your official transcript to be sent to our office. An official transcript is a university-officiated document, sealed in an envelope, reflecting the grades you have received since the start of your college career. The transcript becomes "unofficial" if it is opened or tampered with prior to being received by the Florida-France Linkage Institute. Transcripts can be requested from your current university's Office of the Registrar, either in person or on their website. We will accept transcripts delivered through the mail or sent online, directly from your university or school.

When will I receive an answer to know if I received the tuition waiver?
Students will receive a letter of notification one to two weeks after the tuition waiver application deadline.

What should I do if I end up taking fewer credit hours than the Florida-France Linkage Institute awarded me?
Please contact the Program Coordinator, Carol Kim at ffli@usf.edu or by phone at +1(813) 974-5305 to let us know about any changes. In that case, credit hours can be redistributed to other students who need them.

I am enrolled at a community college. Am I still eligible for the tuition waiver?
Yes, both public universities and community colleges are eligible for the tuition waiver.