Peace Corps Prep Program

Enrollment Steps

In Order to Enroll

Students may co-enroll in the Peace Corps Prep Program through the Global Citizens Project enrollment process.

Peace Corps Prep Program Application

The Peace Corps Prep Program Application is a document that allows you to keep track of your progress while enrolled in the program. Please review the Student Guide and Application before you decide to apply, as it gives you step by step information what is necessary to successfully complete the total program. You can find the PDF of the Student Guide here and the Student Application here.

Please note: We realize that sometimes you have changes to your educational program, research or direction of focus – and it is important to note that this document can be adjusted at a later date, as long as the changes are within the guidelines of the Peace Corps Prep Program. Be sure to stay in contact with your Academic Advisor should you need to revise this document.

Program Completion

The Exit Checklist Document is a document that will be completed by you and The Peace Corps Prep Coordinator when you have completed the total program. This document is signed by you and the Coordinator to signify completion of the work needed to receive the Peace Corps Prep Certificate. Once signed by you and the Coordinator, it is sent onward to Peace Corps headquarters for them to review. After they have reviewed your Exit Checklist, and confirmed that you have completed the program, they will then send you your Peace Corps Prep Program of Completion Certificate.


Please read through the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Page.

  • Contact Ms. Lauren Strange, Peace Corps Prep Coordinator to discuss enrollment and program requirements.
  • Contact the Peace Corps Recruiter, to learn more about Peace Corps sectors and potential opportunities to meet 50 hours of required hands-on experience:

Interested in joining Peace Corps after graduation and want more information?

The USF campus-based Peace Corps Recruitment Office is located in the Patel Center for Global Solutions CGS 211 on the second floor of USF World on the Tampa campus of USF. Learn more about the Peace Corps office and opportunities for involvement.


Students must co-enroll through the Global Citizens Project here