Global Alumni

Global Alumni

Welcome fellow Bulls and global citizens!

We are building a WORLDWIDE NETWORK of USF alumni and scholars with international experience and global perspective. If you’ve had formative, life-changing, and/or professional experiences abroad, then this is the alumni society for you!

Whether you were:

  • an international student at one of our campuses in Florida, or
  • a domestic undergraduate who studied abroad,
  • a visiting scholar from another part of the world,
  • a USF Fulbright Scholar, or
  • a returned Peace Corps Volunteer,

YOU are USF Global Alumni! You have a UNIQUE set of skills and invaluable experiences to offer your peers, your employers, and the world!

Interested in getting involved? Well, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3...


1: connect



Our current students are always in need of guidance and support:

  • Share your wisdom in a Virtual Q&A
  • Participate in Webinar Panels
  • Host a Virtual Workshop or your own Webinar

Living outside of Tampa or Abroad?

  • Meetup with a Local or Global Chapter
  • Become a Global Network Director, Coordinator, or Contact
  • Attend Online Events Featuring our Successful Alumni
  • Attend Online Speaker Series Webinars


3: contribute  


To learn more about our engagement and contribution options, contact your Global Alumni Officer, Vanessa Martinez:  

To learn more about Global Alumni Chapters, click here