Get Involved

GloBull Ambassador Program

Students who have participated in a USF Education Abroad experience are eligible to become GloBull Ambassadors. GloBull Ambassadors share their overseas experience and knowledge with students who are thinking about studying abroad or are in the process of preparing for their trip.

Office of International Services

The Office of International Services offers a variety of programs, trainings, workshops, and celebrations to create opportunities for international students and scholars to share their culture with the USF community, engage with their U.S. American peers in meaningful ways, and explore the Tampa Bay area.

International Club at USFSP

The International Club at USFSP provides support to international students who are far from home. We help all students connect with each other and educate one another about our cultural variations and similarities while embracing and celebrating our diversity.

Global Spotlight

Are you globally engaged? The Global Spotlight features any USF-affiliated individuals who embody USF World’s goals of: (1) Promoting a global culture; (2) Globalizing student success; (3) Enhancing global initiatives throughout the university; and (4) Deepening global engagement.

Global Alumni

If you are a USF Alumni living abroad – you are considered Global Alumni! The USF Alumni Association provides programs and services to more than 300,000 alumni, including 7,500 outside the United States.