International Agreements

Student Exchange Agreements

Please note for Student Exchange Agreements, there is a special process that involves working directly with the Office of Education Abroad.

Download the Guidelines for Establishing a Reciprocal Student Semester Exchange Program>>

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For questions about these guidelines, please contact Rene Sanchez. For questions about the guidelines at the USFSP Campus, please contact For questions about USFSM, please contact Student exchange agreements have very specific expectations that both partners must commit to, among them an articulation of how an exchange balance shall be maintained and a projection of the number of students expected and the specific programs involved. There are some specifics you should consider:

Is this to be a reciprocal exchange? (e.g. a balance of one-for-one over a three to five year period) or will the majority of students be coming to USF with few outgoing students? In this case, financial support becomes a vital issue, so will tuition waivers be involved? assistantships? scholarships? other means of financial aid?

In this regard, faculty must know what student exchange programs currently exist for the country where there potential partner is located and the history of student interest in that location. You can quickly see how an initial meeting with Mr. Sanchez is imperative and he can expertly advise you accordingly.