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Consistent with USF's mission as a globally-engaged research university, the GAP program has established a small number of high  impact strategic institutional partnerships. GAP awards give USF faculty an opportunity to work with colleagues at USF's global partner universities to develop common projects that will serve as the foundation for external funding, collaborative teaching, or creative scholarly activities. In 2009, the University identified five GAP universities and these deep and broad relationships with "like" universities have promoted sustainable, interdisciplinary collaborations leading to meaningful impact as well as measurable bilateral (and even multilateral in the case of network development) institutional benefits.

GAP awards are given out bi-annually. Funding for the next round will open 2013-14, read on for project details and instructions on how to apply.

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Award Opportunities


GAP Program

The purpose of GAP awards are to generate collaborative research, scholarly, and/or creative activity with our global  partner universities. The expectation is that there will be tangible outcomes such as joint research publications, performances, exhibits, and/or external funding proposals.

The maximum award will be $12,000 with up to $7,000 being funded by USF World together with a contribution of up to $5,000 from the "home" department and/or college.


There are three separate funding opportunities designed to engage a broad range of faculty, staff and students at USF. In the following guidelines we address these three areas more specifically:

The Award for Developing Existing Partnerships
NEW: The Award for New Partnership Opportunities
NEW: The GAP Program Travel Award.

USF's strategic priorities of increasing global literacy and impact, community engagement, integrated interdisciplinary inquiry, research and innovation, and sustainability should be used to guide proposals. The highest priority will be given to applications that are committed to producing external funding proposals to sustain the developing project. Examples might be developing co-taught programs, specific educational research, collaborative research focused on a shared critical issue between USF and a partner university, or designing scholarship  intended to address a particular global concern. Proposed projects must involve  shared initiatives between USF and a Global Academic Partner institution. Funding may be used for USF faculty to travel to a partner university and to bring a partner to USF to establish research, teaching and/or performance possibilities.

Proposals may include plans to engage  graduate and/or undergraduate students in research, scholarly, and/or creative activity

GAP Program

outcomes. In addition, collaborative design and delivery of innovative curriculum proposals are welcomed if proposals (a) offer new and strategically-relevant curriculum and pedagogy and/or (b) expand capacity (e.g. faculty development) at both participating institutions.

Accountability will be assessed by one or more of the following: submission of a joint proposal for external funding  (NSF, NIH, NEH, NIMH, etc), mutual publications in academic press, collaboratively designed or delivered curriculum and/or public performance/presentation. All proposals should explain how the initiative will seek longer-term funding to continue the collaboration.