Global Academic Partners

GAP Program Award

The award amount will depend on the specific characteristics of the program up to $5,000 per award.

This award is designed for faculty seeking support for accompanied student travel directly to a GAP university. For example, these monies will support faculty expenses associated with working with a small number of graduate students on field based research at a GAP university, or travel or salary expenses for faculty/staff leading a credit-earning study abroad opportunity for USF students. The variety of program travel is as rich as our academic enterprise and so faculty and staff interested in developing credit earning education abroad programs should discuss the possibilities with Amanda Maurer, Director of Education Abroad, USF World. Proposals are due by January 27, 2012.

Proposals for this award must include a copy of the Education Abroad program information (with the Department Chair and Dean  signature), a rationale for the need and use of the funds requested and an associated budget. If a credit-earning education abroad program is being proposed, the budget must be co-signed by Amanda Maurer.