International Resources

Risk and Security Officer

USF System has an international risk and security officer located within USF World and the Education Abroad Office who provides support to any students, faculty and staff participating in university sponsored programs, activities or other USF affiliated travel outside of the United States. He also serves as the Title IX Liaison for USF World.

For those traveling to areas with heightened security concerns, the international risk and security officer can provide specific safety and security advice. For USF affiliated travel, please review the Travel Risk Matrix to determine whether the planned destination has been classified as Tier I (Critical Risk), Tier II (High Risk), or Tier III (Moderate Risk). If any student travel plans include any location classified as Tier I (or sometimes Tier II), a thorough risk and security assessment will need to be conducted prior to travel being approved. Please contact the international risk and security officer for more details.

Any USF traveler who experiences or witnesses a serious medical, safety or security incident while abroad should report the event by calling the 24/7 International Assistance Line at +1 (813) 317-5815. The international risk and security officer has access to a number of vital resources to support USF travelers. Accurate information is vital to helping the university support the health, safety and welfare of students, faculty and staff while traveling abroad. Reportable incidents include illnesses and injuries (needing a health care professional), accidents, crimes of all kinds, missing persons, any incident under USF Policy 0-004: Sexual Misconduct/Sexual Harassment (including sexual violence), property damage, and incidents that forced a significant itinerary change.

Incident reports will be used by USF's international risk and security officer to monitor the safety and security of university travelers, and to help us prepare and advise future travelers. Collective data and trends may be published, but individual incident reports, including the identity of those involved in or reporting an incident, are treated as confidential and shared only on a need-to-know basis.

In the event of an incident while abroad on USF Affiliated Travel:

International Risk and Security Officer Contact Information:
Ben Chamberlain, MSW
24/7 International Assistance Line +1 (813) 317-5815
International Risk and Security Officer
Title IX Liaison for USF World
USF World, University of South Florida
4202 East Fowler Avenue, CGS 205
Tampa, FL 33620
Skype: ben.chamberlain.usf
Twitter: @USFchamberlain
Phone: +1 (813) 974-3724
Fax: +1 (813) 974-4613