National Residence Hall Honorary

Of The Months (OTMs)

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Do you want to nominate someone that has made a significant impact on the residential community? Perhaps this is a resident, Resident Assistant, Community Manager, student leader, advisor, staff member, or faculty member.

Did you attend an impact event or participate in a meaningful initiative that created an impactful experience?

Visit this website to submit an Of the Month (OTM) Award to honor these contributions! Prior to submitting a nomination, you must create an account by clicking Register at this website.

Each winner and author of the winning nomination receive a special surprise from the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)!

How Do I Write an Effective OTM Award Nomination?

It is highly recommended that you write your OTM Award Nomination in a word processing application to check for spelling and/or grammar errors prior to submission. Please remember that all submitted OTMs not only represent you, but our university too!

Additionally, pick the appropriate award category. If a person or initiative does not qualify for the award that they were nominated for, they are ineligible to win.

Remember that these are Of The Months. The information you share in your nomination needs to be from the current month. Only include month-specific examples in your nomination.

Share as much information as possible! In general, write at least 350 words, unless your OTM category has a lower maximum word count.

Indicate the ways that a person or initiative soared above expectations. Remember that not everyone knows everybody else's responsibilities!

Learn more about best practices in submitting an OTM here.