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American Sign Language


The American Sign Language Living Learning Community (ASL LLC) brings together students who are Deaf, hearing, and hard-of-hearing. Together, they benefit from a residential environment where they use and practice American Sign Language in daily living while collectively participating in networking opportunities with faculty, connecting with the ASL Bulls club, and taking field trips in the Tampa Bay Area including a visit to School of the Deaf. Additionally, this experience will immerse you in Deaf culture. Such an experience will broaden your perspective, thus enhancing your awareness, and preparing you to be an effective professional in the diverse global work force.

Located In: Maple Hall

Open To: All students with a basic understanding of American Sign Language

Benefits of the American Sign Language (ASL) LLC Program

  • An immersive experience where you will practice ASL and gain a respect and understanding of Deaf culture
  • Special networking opportunities with faculty members
  • Connect with the ASL Bulls Club
  • Community field trips in the Tampa Bay area

Application Process

Apply to live in an LLC (Click "Programs and Events")

To gain admission to an LLC, you will need to complete an online LLC program application (in addition to the general USF housing application) and be admitted into the LLC program.

When completing an LLC program application that requires longer responses, we recommend typing into a Microsoft Word document that you can save and refer back to if you have any complications. Once you submit an application, a confirmation page should appear. You will also receive a confirmation email in your USF email account. If you do not receive these confirmations, please contact, as your application was not received.

LLC Admission Decisions

Once received, your application will be reviewed by the appropriate LLC for a decision on admission. You will be notified via your USF email account regarding your LLC admission status. Each LLC has its own review timeline, but most programs will review applications and begin making application decisions by early March. Admission decisions are for one academic year. Students wishing to return to their LLC for an additional year should contact their program coordinator for specific instructions.

If you are admitted to an LLC, you will automatically be assigned into that community. If you do not meet the eligibility requirements, or the LLC has reached capacity, your housing assignment will be based on the preferences in your general housing application.

If at any point you wish to withdraw an application, or for questions regarding the general housing application, meal plans, payment information, etc., please contact or 813-974-0001.