Office of Decision Support | University of South Florida

Who is ODS?

A USF office committed to:
• Facilitating decision-making by providing data, analysis, business solutions, and reporting;
• Coordinating reporting and related needs across all USF campuses;
• Facilitating academic planning and new degree request;
• Supporting the strategic planning efforts by ensuring competitive performance and regional accreditation.


What does ODS do?

• Provides valid, reliable and actionable analyses to support decision-making;
• Serves as the official data and reporting source for student and faculty data;
• Promotes sound assessment practices across all academic programs and support units;
• Provides oversight of program planning and review, and quality improvement initiatives;
• Provides student and faculty data, analytics and modeling for units campus-wide;
• Coordinates with the state governing body, external reporting, and accrediting agencies.

How can ODS help me?

• By providing official student or faculty data - Data Requests
• By providing leadership, guidance, and support around accreditation needs, assessment, and academic program review - visit IEP
• By providing higher education comparative analysis, rankings monitoring, institutional survey data, and post-graduation outcomes data - visit UPSA
• By providing access to official data sets and reports submitted to the BOG, Federal and International entities - visit IRA and FDRA