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General Questions

How do I submit a new project request?

User Service Requests are made for all AKM Projects. A USR formally communicates the request for a new project that will deliver certain benefits to one or more business areas. Ideally, a request should be made as soon as knowledge of the need has been determined (e.g., in the planning stages of the purchase of new software).

A request should include any relevant information as well as justification for the project. 

Once submitted, the USR will be routed to the relevant Functional Project Manager. To insure proper routing:

  • OASIS = SIS (Banner)

Projects may be requested through the USR submission site: Submit USR.
Please contact AKM if you have questions regarding submission of a new project.

After submission, projects are created in Jira. A requestor may check the status of a project in the portal or by contacting AKM.

How can I find the status of my project?

All AKM projects are tracked in Jira.

How do I submit a helpdesk ticket?

A helpdesk ticket should be submitted for things like Banner password reset. Send an email to

How do I submit a production support ticket?

A production support ticket should be submitted if you have an issue with an in production project (Banner, DegreeWorks only). Send an email to explaining your issue.

Civitas Questions

How do I request access to Civitas?

Send an email to

I have questions or issues with Civitas, who do I contact?

For questions or issues, please send an email to

 SIS Questions

How are SIS (Banner) projects prioritized?

SIS Projects are prioritized during SIS Project Roadmapping.  

How do I request Banner access?

Student Access

The preferred method for student access is through the MyUSF portal using their NetID and password however, students may also access OASIS directly.

Faculty/Staff Access

  • New Access
    1. Complete the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) tutorial and quiz. Student privacy is extremely important. Faculty and staff are given access to student data when they demonstrate adequate familiarity with FERPA by passing the quiz with a score of 80% or better.
    2. After successfully completing the FERPA quiz you will receive an email confirmation containing a link to the Request for OASIS/Banner Access Form. Please make sure you use a valid USF email address when creating your FERPA quiz profile so you will receive this confirmation. You must also have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to use the downloaded form.
    3. Please be sure that the form is signed by the requester (Section 2) and your Accountable Officer (Section 1). Scan and send the completed form to the mailbox for evaluation and processing.
    4. NOTE: you may be required to complete additional OASIS Training, or provide further information after you submit the access request form.
  • Access Reassignment
    1. If you have previously been granted access to OASIS/Banner and you transfer from one department to another, your access will not transfer with you. Your OASIS/Banner account will be locked when your initial GEMS appointment expires.
    2. If you require OASIS/Banner access in your new position please send an email to and request an OASIS/Banner Reassignment form. Additional training may be required for the desired access in your new job assignment. All inquiries regarding access may be sent to the mailbox for review and acknowledgement.
  • Additional Access
    1. If you require additional OASIS/Banner access in your current position, please have your supervisor send an email to to request the additional access.

How do I get to Banner production and test instances?

For links to access production and test instances of Banner visit the SIS Confluence Page.

What are INB and SSB?

There are two web-based interfaces to access Banner – INB (Internet Native Banner) and SSB (Self Service Banner:

  • INB (Internet Native Banner) – INB is used by faculty/staff to directly access the Banner system for day-to-day business.
  • SSB (Self Service Banner) – Also known as OASIS, SSB, is used by students to access their personal information such as course registration, immunization records, financial aid, and contact information.

The USF System uses three entirely separate versions of Banner known as instances. Each instance has its own database structure, user forms, modules and security. Users with access to one instance may not have access to the other two instances. USF Health has its own Banner instance to support students pursuing degrees in Medicine, Nursing, Public Health, Physical Therapy, Biomedical Sciences, and Pharmacy. USF Foundation has an instance to track alumni and gifts to the University.

Where do I log into DegreeWorks?

To log into the production instance of DegreeWorks, visit