Florida Board of Governor's Annual Accountability Plans

State University System (SUS) Accountability Plans

As approved by the Florida Board of Governors (Board of Governors Regulation 2.002), a comprehensive planning and accountability framework for the State University System (SUS) includes the development of multi-year university accountability reports that allows for each SUS institution to highlight their unique mission and focus on key areas of strength within the context of the SUS overarching goals and regional and statewide needs.  Historically, these were called the Accountability Report and Work plans. The resulting processes and products are meant to inform institutional and strategic planning, budgeting, and other policy decisions.

The Accountability Plans for all SUS institutions can be found on the FLBOG website.


Accountability Plans

In the spring of each year, following approval by the USF Board of Trustees (USF BOT), the University of South Florida submits its annual Accountability Plan to the Florida Board of Governors (FLBOG). The plans below are the final plans, approved by the USF BOT and FLBOG.

*Note, prior to spring 2020, USF was required to submit four plans, one for USF and one for each USF campus (Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Sarasota-Manatee. The plans below are all for USF, not campus level.


2023 USF Accountability Plan

2022 USF Accountability Plan

2021 USF Accountability Plan

2020 USF Accountability Plan

*2019 USF Accountability Plan

*2018 USF Accountability Plan


**Historical Accountability Plans, Accountability Reports and Workplans are available on request. Please contact the SSRA team within ODS.