Governance & Notifications

Data Sharing


The Office of Decision Support is responsible for managing any external communication of data to third parties outside of USF. To help the various units across USF continue their partnership with third party entities, ODS has set up a simple and consistent workflow that accomplishes the following:

  1. Informs ODS about the new partnership between a USF unit and an external entity which involves the transfer of data between the groups.
  2. Captures associated support documentation and material that specifies the partnership between a USF unit and external entities where transfer of data is involved.
  3. Facilitates a pipeline for the USF unit to advertise their partnership with Information Governance committees and have conversations with respective data owners.

    Kick off the ODS Data Sharing Workflow


How Do I...

Get assistance with purchasing and implementing software for my unit?

Consider following up with the IT-UTSB process which facilitates a deep dive and sign off from Information Technology about various key aspects of the software/tool such as Security, Infrastructure Settings etc. For more information, click here IT UTSB Documentation.

Get assistance with extracting and consolidating data from various source systems to feed into a software or platform I am setting up for my unit?

Request assistance from IT via a Concept Proposal document. For more information click here at Concept Proposal Documentation & Concept Proposal Form.

Collect information to use for my research project as a Doctoral Student?

Apply for an IRB approval. For more information click here at IRB Approval.

Collect information for external use such as a surveys, grants, accreditation, etc.?

Please submit a data request application. For more information click here at Data Request Documentation & Data Request Form.