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Academic Knowledge Management

What is Academic Knowledge Management (AKM)?

Academic Knowledge Management (AKM) works collaboratively within ODS and Academic Affairs to provide business analysis and project management. 

How do I request access to Civitas?

Send an email to

How do I request Banner access as an employee of USF?

Complete the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) tutorial and quiz. You will receive an email confirmation with a link to Request for OASIS/Banner Access form. For more information, please see the AKM FAQs.

Faculty Data Reporting & Analytics

What is Faculty Data Reporting & Analytics (FDRA)?

The ODS-FDRA team coordinates the university's efforts for collecting and reporting Faculty related data, including but not limited to state submissions, federal submissions, benchmark surveys related to salary and cost of instruction, FAIR, Faculty Information System (FIS), Academic Analytics, Banner Workflow.

How do I contact the FDRA team?

The best way to contact the team is to send an email to

How do I get access to Banner Workflow?

You can find the current access link and useful information on the UCO Third Party Payments Website.

What is Academic Analytics and how do I get access?

Academic Analytics is a service that aggregates faculty scholarly productivity. Access is currently available for Department Chairs and above, as well as their support staff. To request access, you can email Faculty Help

What is FAIR?

The Faculty Academic Information Reporting (FAIR) system consist of modules for the collection of information about faculty and instructional staff. This information is then used for mandatory effort reporting, annual evaluations, and much more. FAIR is available through your MyUSF portal under Business Systems -> FAIR.

FAIR also houses the Student Evaluations Mart – where student assessment of instruction data is stored.

What is the Faculty Information System (FIS)?

The FIS lives on the Archivum platform at USF. This new system houses our Tenure & Promotion, Annual Evaluation, and Annual Assignments modules for Faculty. This system will eventually replace FAIR. You can access FIS through your MyUSF portal under Business Systems -> Archivum.

How do I request Faculty Data?

Please submit the appropriate form on the Data Requests page.

Institutional Effectiveness and Planning

What is Institutional Effectiveness and Planning (IEP)?

The ODS-IEP team helps manage risks and improve educational quality by coordinating the university's quality assurance efforts and ensuring compliance with regulations relating to academic programs, student support services, and research-based institution-wide planning.

What is Assessment?

Assessment is a subunit of Institutional Effectiveness that ensures the ongoing collection, review, and documentation of continuous quality improvement assessments for all academic programs and student services units as mandated by our regional accreditor, SACSCOC, and the Florida Board of Governors.

What is SAM?

SAM, the System for Assessment Management, is USF's portal for collecting, reviewing, and documenting continuous quality improvement assessments. You may request access on the SAM Access Request website or learn more about the system in our Understanding SAM guide.  

What is Academic Program Review?

Academic program review is the seven-year cyclic review of all degree programs in FL SUS institutions. 

What is Xitracs and how do I log in to it?

Xitracs is an online document library. It is used to manage, edit, and share self-study documents used for academic program review and reporting to our regional accreditor, SACSCOC. To request access, please email Ms. Patricia Claytor.

What is FETPIP data and how do I request it?

The Florida Education and Training Placement Information Program (FETPIP) is a data collection and consumer reporting system to provide data on former students and program participants who have graduated, exited, or completed a public education or training program within the state of Florida. Please submit the appropriate form on the Data Requests page to request FETPIP data.

What is accreditation?

Accreditation is a quality assurance process in which educational institutions, health care organizations, and other providers of services demonstrate compliance with published standards of quality. In the United States, post-secondary educational institutions must be accredited by an accrediting body that is approved by the U.S. Education Department to be eligible to award federally-funded financial aid to students (e.g., many grants, scholarships, loans, and payments for work-study jobs). Most post-secondary institutions in the southeastern portion of the United States are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). SACSCOC accreditation resources are available on the ODS Accreditation page. In addition to institutional accreditation, which assures the quality of USF as a whole, over 100 academic programs at USF have specialized (or programmatic) accreditation, which assures that those programs comply with published standards that have been developed by experts in each particular academic discipline.

Institutional Research & Analytics

What is Institutional Research & Analytics (IRA)?

The ODS-IRA team provides system-wide support by providing comprehensive information about the University of South Florida. Our goal is to collect, analyze and disseminate data for use in institutional planning, policy development, governmental reporting and strategic decision-making processes.

How do I submit a data request to the IRA team?

Please submit the appropriate form on the Data Requests page. Requests will be reviewed on a recurring basis. Upon receipt of the request, a research professional will contact you via email or telephone to discuss your request further. Completion of requests will vary depending on scope and breadth of the research topic. It is advisable to complete the form with as much detail as possible in order to help expedite your request. Please be sure to review the data publicly available on the USF InfoCenter.

When are major state and federal submissions due?

Dates can be reviewed on the ODS Institutional Research and Analysis Annual Calendar.

Academic Planning

What is Academic Planning?

The ODS Academic Planning Office coordinates new academic programs, including degree program terminations and suspensions and the five-year master academic plan; administers the course proposal system; coordinates APAC meetings and facilitates SCNS  course submissions. It is the central repository for system-level academic information, such as curriculum codes and the USF System degree inventory.

Is there a glossary of terms that defines degree programs, majors, minors, etc.?

Yes, the USF Curriculum Definitions webpage provides the definitions, examples, and regulations associated with the terms

Where do I find a list of current curriculum codes?

Please visit the Curriculum Codes webpage on the Academic Planning website.

Where do I find USF's degree inventory?

Please visit the USF System Degree Inventory webpage on the Academic Planning website.

University Performance and Survey Analytics

What is University Performance and Survey Analytics (UPSA)?

The ODS-UPSA team coordinates the effort to submit data to external organizations, assesses the university's performance among its peers by evaluating and monitoring USF's position in high profile university-level rankings and other performance metrics, and conducts university-level student satisfaction and engagement surveys.

How do I see USF's position in national and international rankings?

Please visit the USF Rankings Hub.

How do I see USF's performance among its peers?

Please visit the USF Strategic Performance Hub.

How can I see student research surveys?

How do I request university-level peer data?

Please submit the appropriate form on the Data Requests page.

How do I request student survey research data?

Please submit the appropriate form on the Data Requests page.